Finally Celebrating New Years

Since I missed both Christmas and New Year’s this year because of work, I was finally able to get in that sweet, sweet propane time. That’s right, I hit the grill almost immediately upon getting […]

It’s Been a Nice Year

A look back at UltraRare Drop’s 2018, and welcoming in the New Year.

One Punch Man Season 2 Trailer and Release Date

Coming sometime in April, 3 years after the first season, One Punch Man will finally debut its second season of episodes. Considering it’s almost 2019, I’m pretty excited for season 2. The trailer for One-Punch […]

PCBS Update v0.9.3 Adds New Partner, Hardware, Updates

The latest update went live December 12th and introduced yet another partner for the game. G.Skill, a RAM provider, has been added, with several of their stylish RGB sticks added to the Shop.

Subnautica Free Until December 27th

Subnautica, a game about surviving on an alien water world, has hit Epic Games’ new storefront. The layout reminds me a bit of Origin’s, but that’s another topic. The main takeaway here, if you were looking to try out Subnautica or even buy it, now is your chance on PC. You can grab it for free, forever, you grab it before December 25th this year.

Weird Wheels

Since I’ve covered a multitude of topics, and I keep covering others that further broaden what I write about… I said screw it and decided to do a post on weird vehicles and other wheel-dependent or wheel-variant locomotion devices. Hit the jump to keep reading!

Smok Novo – An Experiment [Updated]

I picked one of these up on my way home from the rig yesterday, looking for something more lowkey to tote around at work. I’d been carrying around my Snowwolf MFeng for the previous 3 […]

The Outer World – Trailer

Obsidian dropped this trailer earlier, and I kinda like how it looks. What do you think? You can find out more here:

PC Building Simulator

Sunday morning, I picked up PC Building Simulator on Steam. Since then, I’ve downloaded the game, and played it exclusively. I’m sitting at 27 hours played as of this post, and I have plans to continue playing the game the rest of today.