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3 Months Later, Smok Novo Going Strong

Three months ago, almost exactly to the day, I made a post about trying out the Smok Novo. I later did a little update a few weeks after, but I’ve put the Novo through its […]

I Got Bored And Spent 3 Hours on Rainmeter Skins

I got bored while watching shitty TV, and couldn’t sleep either. Started fooling around on the couch with my laptop, and remembered Rainmeter. If you don’t know, Rainmeter is a desktop customization tool, allowing you […]

UltraRare Drop is on Steam!

Since I’ve been buying more games on Steam, I decided to create a group on Steam. You can find UltraRare Drop by clicking here or by searching for the name. The current theme will be […]

Finally Celebrating New Years

Since I missed both Christmas and New Year’s this year because of work, I was finally able to get in that sweet, sweet propane time. That’s right, I hit the grill almost immediately upon getting […]

It’s Been a Nice Year

A look back at UltraRare Drop’s 2018, and welcoming in the New Year.

Weird Wheels

Since I’ve covered a multitude of topics, and I keep covering others that further broaden what I write about… I said screw it and decided to do a post on weird vehicles and other wheel-dependent or wheel-variant locomotion devices. Hit the jump to keep reading!

Smok Novo – An Experiment [Updated]

I picked one of these up on my way home from the rig yesterday, looking for something more lowkey to tote around at work. I’d been carrying around my Snowwolf MFeng for the previous 3 […]

Watch This Trippy Minecraft Video

This trippy Minecraft movie, posted way back on August 26th, 2016, just popped on my Reddit feed a couple of times. I finally decided to watch it earlier today, and made a mental note to come back and feature it in a post. Hit the jump for more info!

Super Saiyan Gifs (Updated)

Some gifs I’ve found over on r/supersaiyangifs, some of them pretty cool. There are more posted over there but these were some of the better ones I could pull up on my phone. Enjoy!