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Offshore Sunrise


Change of Pace

Hey all, just a heads up. I got a new job about 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been going through training and meetings to prepare for going out. I’ll be working offshore so my posts and content may stop during my weeks away. That said, I’ve got some other things I can think about and write about while on the rig.


Alright, I’ve amassed quite the library of sci-fi and other action-y genres, not to mention John Grisham books. Anyhow, I’ve got a luggage weight limit so I won’t exactly be bringing physical books on my working weeks. That said, I’ve currently got a handful of books digitally, which I’ve read before, if not several times, and will be re-reading. Considered calling this my “Offshore Reading List” but I’m so fundamentally opposed to lists (no, really, ask my wife) that the idea was a turn-off. So, for the sake of this post, the following list is the official non-list of my working weeks.

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic – Revan (Sort of a sequel to the Knights of the Old Republic video game)
  • Star Wars: The Darth Bane Series (Seriously, my favorite series of the entire Star Wars EU. Seriously.)
  • Halo: The Fall of Reach
  • Halo: First Strike
  • Ender’s Game
  • Mass Effect: The Complete Novels
  • Beginning PHP and MySQL (Ok, this might be a stretch but if I get tired of reading the other stories or finish  them all too quickly, might happen. Probably not.)

So, as I finish a book, I’ll do a little write-up about the book. Turns out, I really like Drew Karpshyn as an author, which explains why I love Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. If you have any series that might be interesting or in the same vein as what I will be re-reading, drop a suggestion in the comments.


Alright, so the rig will have internet of some sort. Undoubtedly, very limited and probably slow. Laptops are allowed, so technically, I could bring my laptop and play games while out. However, I don’t much care for lugging around 20 lbs of gear (laptop, charger, keyboard, mouse, headphones, and a monitor until I fix my screen) so I’m leaving that at home. I may pick up a Switch in the future for just this occasion, but that’s not something I’ve discussed with my wife. Only myself, so it’s a great idea to me but I’m sure she’ll have a logical counterpoint as to why I shouldn’t drop a couple hundred bucks on a Switch. Moving on.

Pretty Much It

That’s pretty much it. I’ll have a massive change of pace, as I’ve been out of the oilfield for 3-ish years now. However, being gone for weeks at a time also means I’ll be home for weeks at a time, so I’ll have more time to bust out some gaming-related posts. Until then, I may go silent until I get back. Depends on what kind of cell reception and WiFi, and too many other variable. Oh, also, the Gulf has a new hurricane forming, and I leave tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Building on my Apocalypse RDA Deck

I’ve only owned one other RDA deck, and I used prebuilt coils for it. Building coils was slightly intimidating. After some time, I eventually stopped using that deck and stuck to tanks for the next couple of years.

I’m getting to the point where I want more cloud than anything, so I decided to buy a new RDA. Enter the Apocalypse. It’s a smaller deck, tight quarters and only two posts.

As the pictures show, I have been able to replicate a pretty consistent coil. In the range of 0.17 to 0.2 ohms. It’s a twisted, three strand 26 gauge kanthal with 5 wraps. In the above pics, I’m using the last of the previous batch I had made. Next I’ll be doing a twisted quad strand out of curiosity.

First heat up. Obvious hotspots.

Worked out most of the hotspots quickly, still wasn’t perfect but I worked it more after the video and evened it all out.

Wicked, juiced, and heating it up. I put the shield on because I was unbending the mouthpiece, which I bent earlier this week. By the way, the RDA is awesome but it bends easily. Thankfully, it only took about 20 seconds to fix it, and I didn’t even scratch the gold off! Pretty happy with it at 60 watts test fire, but upped the voltage to 100w for decent use. At 100w, it’s only drawing ~4.36 volts so I could almost push it to the full 150w that the Coolfire Ultra offers. I won’t, but I could.

Anyway, once my battery for the VGod Pro Mech 2 is charged, I’ll try this out on it. I’ll have to review that kit another time though. (Spoiler alert: I like it but I need a better quality battery.)


Super Saiyan Gifs

Some gifs I’ve found over on r/supersaiyangifs, some of them pretty cool. There are more posted over there but these were some of the better ones I could pull up on my phone. Enjoy!


Magnet Collisions are Awesome

Stumbled on this video a few minutes ago. Extremely satisfying to watch, and definitely one of those things that make you wonder. I dont have too much to say, other than enjoy this video while I go look up stuff about magnets.


Here’s some Breaker Panel Porn (SFW)

I’m an electrician, love my job. The high point is working in a fresh panel, and putting in some time making it look neat. Here’s some of the more recent stuff I’ve done. If you don’t know what you’re looking at, it’s ok. I’ve got this.

I’ve got other panels posted on my Instagram, which I haven’t linked yet. I’ll get around to it eventually.