I just got the email from Hulu, that my plan price will be increasing. I’ve been expecting it, especially with Netflix prices going up recently. You can see the email below.

As you can see, the Hulu (no ads) plus Live TV plan increased from $43.99 to $50.99. Like I said, I’ve been expecting as much. Hulu offset this cost by reducing the amount I’m paying ($15/month) for unlimited screens to $9.99, also applied to the Enhanced DVR addon. Overall, the only price increase I’ve seen relates to the Live TV service, as the base Hulu Plan with no ads still comes out to $11 total. You can see my entire plan breakdown below.

All things considered, I’m still saving almost $60 a month compared to my DirecTV bill a few months ago. It would be more but I had to get Live TV bundle because of sports, and my kids like to watch cartoons. Overall, I can’t really say I’m disappointed. I still find the whole bundle, with addons, to be entirely a better option. I’m happy with selection of Hulu shows, and that’s supplemented with access to channel streams, such as TBS, FXX, FX, etc. It covers all my needs, and my in-laws, who also login to watch stuff from time to time.