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Anthem’s February 23rd Patch Notes

This was posted yesterday on the Anthem subreddit, and I missed it because… I was playing Anthem. Anyhow, if you want to read the actual post, you can find that here.


Overwatch PTR Patch Notes

Four heroes are getting some attention in the latest PTR patch. Mercy’s Valkyrie gets a fine tune, Reaper’s shotguns get an adjustment, Symmetra’s primary fire gets a buff, and Roadhog gets his own treatment. Look below for more info.

Far Cry 5 Title Update 4 Notes

The patch will hit consoles April 9th. Stability & Performance Fixed low occurrence crashes and walkthrough breaks Additional quality bug fixes Fixed low occurrence save corruption Companion, Enemy, & Animal AI Fixed low repro AI […]

Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch 1.06 Available Now! (With Notes)

Just checked on Origin, and Patch 1.06 is available for download now. Just a reminder that the servers will be offline while they push this update, and probably for a short time after as well. […]

Mass Effect Andromeda Patch Notes 1.05

Bioware dropped a patch for Andromeda today, containing various fixes in both single player and multiplayer. Below are the changes listed on the Bioware blog. Player Abilities Melee To reduce the effectiveness of repeated melees against tougher […]