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One Punch Man Season 2 Announced

One-Punch Man Season 2 – Official Announcement:

Coming April 2019! I’m pumped!


One Punch Man

Recently, I decided to drop DirecTV (in 2 years my bill was never the same, among other billing issues) in favor of just streaming shows. As such, switching to Hulu opened up a large collection of available anime shows.

One Punch Man, which I had seen making rounds on Reddit in the form of gifs and YouTube clips. While only Season 1 is out, Season 2 has been confirmed and will be making a comeback with VizMedia. Overall, I binged it in one night. It was awesome. It was, naturally, the subbed version. Basically, a nobody takes 3 years to train using a regimen of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and running 10 kilometers every day to become this invincible man that is trying to become a famous hero. Here’s a short clip.

My next anime is My Hero Academia, which I’ll be making a separate post for once I’ve finished the available seasons.

GeneralMHG News

MrHorseGaming is moving to UltraRareDrop(.com)

Had a stroke of clarity today and came up with a decent name that I can see being used for a while. Within the next 72 hours, will available to access this site. I’ll be “rebranding” over the next couple of days and updating images, styles, and other items of importance.

Starting after April 15th, will no longer be used as a means of accessing this blog.

Now, I’m getting to work on setting stuff up.


Happy July 4th Weekend

From my family here at MHG, wishing everyone the best holiday weekend. I’ve got a 4 day weekend, so this may be early for some of you. However, I’ll be celebrating (I.E. drinking) all weekend and enjoying some downtime. 

And if you aren’t from the States, have a good weekend!


Net Neutrality And Why ISPs Should Not Self-Regulate

Companies and big corporations have been trying for years to make us pay more for internet services. With the recent vote to begin trashing the Obama-approved net neutrality rules, I decided to do some detective work and bring some information/proof of just how internet service providers attempt to get away with sleazy practices.

2005 – Madison River Communications was blocking VoIP calling, which the FCC stopped.

2005 – Comcast denied access to P2P services without notifying customers.

2007-2009 – AT&T was having Skype and other VOIPs blocked because they didn’t like the competition for their cellphones.

2011 – MetroPCS tried to block all streaming except youtube. (And later sued the FCC for this.)

2011-2013 – AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon were blocking access to Google Wallet because it competed with their bullshit. Happened months after the trio were busted collaborating with Google to block apps from the Android Marketplace

2012 – Verizon was demanding Google block tethering apps on Android because it let owners avoid their $20 tethering fee. This was despite guaranteeing they wouldn’t do that as part of a winning bid on an airwaves auction. (Fined $1.25million over this.)

2012 – AT&T tried to block access to FaceTime unless customers paid more money.

2013 – Verizon literally stated that the only thing stopping them from favoring some content providers over other providers were the net neutrality rules in place.

This, in conjunction with the astroturfing of the FCC comment area, which can be found by going here: , all cropped up in the last few weeks. When 90%+ of the comments were pro-NN (if you disregard the stolen identity comments that were anti-NN) and was completely disregarded. Honestly, it’s an insulting slap in the dick to Americans. Why should we pay more, like with DirecTV or Dish Network, to get “packages” that nickel and dime us for a little bit more money. Or even blocking access entirely, which is easier with all these monopolies floating around. (Only two ISPs in my area, and one that refuses to bring a new line to give AT&T some competition.)

Seriously, go comment at that link. I believe there are some peaceful protests in works, which I’ll have to find out about at some point. I’m considering participating in something, more than just signing my name with some words on a website. This has come up before, and been beat down in court already, but the politicians pushing this agenda are out for money. (Oh, and don’t get me started on the bribes lobbying these corporations are doing to pay-to-win. Lobbying should be illegal if it involves “gifts” or “donations” or anything of that nature.)

Anyway, hopefully this will get some additional attention. I don’t want to pay extra to access YouTube, or get on Steam/Origin. Damn sure don’t want to have to pay to get access to a website that I may not use frequently. I’m not a walking wallet.


Redditor Edits “Passengers” Into A Horror Movie

An enterprising Reddit user by the handle of u/SneakyBadAss took the time to re-edit the 2016 movie Passengers into a horror movie. The new edit puts you in the perspective of Jennifer Laurence. The linked upload (to Google Drive) is currently down due to Google’s share/download limits to shared Drive files. However, I’m currently working on getting a mirror link up to share here.

You should be able to download the MP4 file (about 1.1 GB total) from my mirror link currently, and eventually from the original Drive link.

I haven’t watched it yet, still downloading, but if the Reddit comments are to be believed, it’s an amazing edit. Let me know what you think in the comments!

You can view the original post here, the original Drive link, and my mirror link.

GeneralMHG News

New Updates to MHG!

Starting today, we’ll be available at the domain as well as the previous domain If the new domain isn’t working when you try it, you can still use the old domain. It takes up to 72 hours for the changes to be complete, so while it may be working now, it might not for a few hours. Hopefully there won’t be any problems, but that remains to be seen.

Also new today, advertisements. As I’m trying to monetize the site a little bit to pay for itself, this could change depending on feedback and site hits over the next few weeks (to months.) Currently, it’s set to display ads for everyone but it’s likely that it’ll be changed to only display to guests or visitors. If you own a account, you’ll be able to sign-in and view the content without ads.

I’ll be making some changes to the site for a while, while I attempt to set this blog and it’s content apart. So you may see major theme changes, CSS revisions, and who knows what else. In the meantime, feel free to browse as normally as possible. If you’d like to directly donate to help fund MHG, the link is on the About MHG page.

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iPhone Jailbreak

Fixing iOS 10.2 Jailbreak (Re-jailbreak)

Hello all, decided to write this because it took me 20 minutes of farting around looking at Google searches to find the information I needed. A few days ago, actually like two weeks but who cares, my iPhone 6s Plus decided to die at low battery. Usually, not a problem at all and easily fixable by just charging the phone. However, with the Yalu jailbreak being semi-tethered (not fully tethered, not untethered which I’ll go into at the end,) upon reboot I needed to rejailbreak. With a semi-tethered jailbreak, as things go, it uses an iCloud account to generate security certificates for app development and testing. And with the method used, the certificates all expire after 7 days. Meaning, if you reboot at any point past the 7 day certificate, you’ll need to reconnect your iPhone to your computer to recertify the Yalu app. Hopefully, with the issues I had figuring this out, this post will put everything you need into one post.

Please note: This is basically half the process of jailbreaking, and I won’t be going into the details beyond getting the Yalu app onto the phone. I’m assuming you were jailbroken already at some point, with Yalu, and that you already know the other half of the steps.

What you’ll need:

  1. Yalu IPA (Beta 7)
  2. Cydia Impactor (latest version)
  3. Latest version of iTunes (be sure to sign in!)
  4. A computer (This is for Windows!)
  5. Your iPhone (Note that iPhone 7/7s is not supported by Yalu)
  6. Charge cable

Step 1:

Before you ever begin, make sure that your phone is plugged in and recognized with the computer. Once this is done, and you’ve downloaded the IPA and Impactor (linked above,) start up iTunes if you have disabled it from launching at startup.

If iTunes does not start up, or is not installed, Cydia Impactor will throw a “lockdown.cpp” error and you’ll be left wondering what the problem is. Simply start up or install iTunes, sign-in, and move to Step 2.

Step 2:


Start up Cydia Impactor. You should immediately see that the program recognizes the iPhone and has the above options. Your device name and ID will be different, of course, but the concept is the same.

Step 3:

Drag the downloaded IPA onto the Impactor window. You can now click “Start” and it will start installing the app and security cert. It will prompt you to enter your iCloud account information, but any account will work, dummy account or not. (Note: the password it asks for is not the account password! It’s asking for a generated app password that is done on the Apple website. If you need help with this, let me know and I’ll go into more detail.)

Step 4:

From here on, you just need to launch the Yalu app (Impactor finishes, though it doesn’t give any confirmation that it worked.) I won’t go into detail because you’ve already done this step to jailbreak in the first place.


“lockdown.cpp: xxx” errors are simply Impactor having issues accessing the device. (I believe, I’m not a programmer.) Like stated above, you’ll need to install (or start up) iTunes and try again.

“provission.cpp: xxx” errors usually occur near the end of the process in Impactor. Simply put, you already have a certificate in the program that it’s trying to re-certify. This won’t work obviously, and you’ll need to clear it from Impactor. Tutorial below:

In the Impactor program, you’ll see the toolbar. Under the “Xcode” option, there is the option to “Revoke Certificates.” Select that option. (Note that you may have to have the phone connected. I didn’t and it still worked, but your mileage may vary.) Now try type in your credentials again, and let it do it’s thing.

Elite DangerousGamingGeneralMHG News

Changes to MHG

Made some changes to the navigation menu, mostly due to the presence of a game that I no longer play or even keep up with. After the drama around Elysium the last few months, I decided to keep my distance and stop playing. Never a good sign when a dev team lies to their community, much less how some of the staff were operating. I won’t go into details, because I’m not covering that issue.

What I am writing this post for, is to give you a heads up that the Elysium Project category will be turned into an archive, and those posts will no longer be official content of MHG. As a result, I started recording some gameplay from Elite Dangerous last night, mostly just doing some exploration. For the time being, the locations that I discover will be cataloged until I put together a decent video. It’s nothing special, but it will become a main part of this blog and the content. I plan on doing write ups on what to look for when exploring, as well as how I got started and the initial mistakes I made in the early days. (The first 20 hours of this game is brutal.)

Stay tuned, as I try to pump out some quick exploration videos and get a little montage going to upload.