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Destiny 2’s New PVP Game Mode

Here’s a brief overview of how it works:
At the beginning of each round, players will fight to capture a central zone. Once the zone is captured, your team will deploy the Breaker. As players work to deploy the Breaker, the zone can be contested, resulting in an epic tug-of-war between the two teams. Once the Breaker is captured, it will be used to assault and hack the enemy team’s Vault.
If you hack the enemy team’s Vault, you win the round. If you fail to hack the enemy team’s Vault within the round time limit, you lose. If you are in the process of hacking the enemy team’s Vault when time runs out, you will enter Sudden Death until you either hack the Vault, or the enemy removes all your progress.
First team to win three rounds takes the match.
Breakthrough will first be available as the Weekly Featured Playlist for the week of September 25. Then, it will be added to the Competitive playlist starting October 2. Owners of Destiny 2: Forsaken may begin to play Breakthrough in Private Matches on September 25 as well.
This was covered in the new This Week at Bungie article, which you can find here.
Additionally, Bungie covered several bases and summaries of what happened throughout the week. A few hotfixes were deployed, bugs were acknowledged, and the usual community awareness campaign where they display sweet player footage of incredible feats.

Destiny 2: Forsaken (And I Can’t Stop Playing It)

The Rundown

As you know, I picked up Destiny 2 for cheap way back when. I played it for a few hours, semi-enjoyed it, then went back to playing Overwatch and Mass Effect 3 when I got bored of the grind. I never purchased the 2 previous DLC’s following D2, so I still haven’t played them. Anyhow, I recently picked up Forsaken along with the $9.99 deal for the first year DLCs and downloaded the game and updates. Side note: Destiny 2 already has a staggering download size of 80 Gbs and it still has at least 2 minor DLCs, as well as the year 3 major update. Damn.

That said, this really brings back memories of the original Destiny where powers recharged relatively quickly, you could use them often, and you didn’t feel like you were relying on guns. Grain of salt: I only played vanilla Destiny 2 sans minor DLC content, so the updates were there and active. I just couldn’t access the new content. Moving on. My biggest gripe was the unnatural feel of relying entirely on weapons. Granted, I was leveling up so I had no armor bonuses to increase recharge rates and the like. But once I hit that “cap” where I had to go grind levels in the Crucible, I just lost interest. Not because of the grind, but because I could already see that the rest of the game would be equally rough on the leveling and powering up front.

So, for lack of better things to do and needing a break from Overwatch, I decided to pony up the cash and try out the new Destiny 2 DLC. The difference is amazing. Like I said earlier, it’s comparable to the time of Destiny after the Prison of Elders was introduced. Leveling was fun, grinding was fun, and there was some new content to enjoy. It’s the same now, but on a much larger scale. I just finished the story last night, and made it to 500 Power Level. The max is somewhere near 600 PL, but I’m not sure because I’m 100% out of touch with the state of the game. What I do know, is that there is so much shit to do, it’s hard to decide on a certain path. It’s a little confusing, because there’s 4-5 different types of Legendary engrams now. And upgrading a subclass is confusing at first, but far more simple when you forget how it worked previously in Destiny.

New Content

By no means a complete list, because I’ve only been playing for about 10 hours now. However, the new story campaign is quite enjoyable. You go out on a revenge quest to avenge a friend, and run in to the usual assortment of bullshit that drags the story out. However, it’s different from the usual crap of rehashed content that D1 was so comprised. Again, I didn’t get to this area before, so it’s all new to me. However, the story was great. I’d do it again.

Then, there’s Gambit. A strange, Competitive Co-op experience where you kill enemies with 3 others on your team versus the players on a separate team. You kill PvE enemies, they drop motes. You grab motes and “bank” them to work towards winning. You need 75 motes to win. Oh but wait, it’s 75 motes to spawn the big bad boss you have to kill. And yes, they spawn with several yellow bar ads. As if that isn’t enough going on, if you die holding motes, you lose the motes. Oh, and every once in a while, you can send a player over to the other team and kill the other team. Sabotage and whatnot, and they can return the favor. One more thing, the more motes you cash in, determines whether or not you can drop a blocker on the enemy team’s bank. This blocker (or several) can be a small, medium, or large and the size determines difficulty to down. I’ve had several, several blockers on the bank and with a disorganized team, you lose the round. So that’s basically it. You have to win 2 rounds as a team to win. Win or lose, your Gambit rank increases and you can get rewards at certain ranks from the Drifter. Also, there’s apparently an RNG exotic quest involved with winning matches, and the community is currently up-in-arms about it. Personally, I don’t care, it’s just a game.

Then, there’s still shitloads of other stuff to do that I haven’t even learned about yet. Hell, I’m still trying to progress some bounties I didn’t finish last night.

Additionally, Bungie has added new supers to the game. Each class (Titan, Hunter, Warlock) has three subclasses, each of which now has 3 variations on their supers. Incredible, I know.

More to Come

I’m still playing, as I honestly have nothing else to play right now. Need a break from other games, and just need something different for the time being. I won’t have much time to play for the next couple of weeks, well, any at all because I’ll be out on my rig, but when I get back I’ll have 3 weeks to play. At which point, I’ll likely report back on what I’m enjoying about Forsaken.


That Twitch Shot – Lucioball

Lucioball shenanigans, and I pull off this pretty impressive twitch shot. Yes, I meant to do that.


Lucioball in Full Swing

With Overwatch‘s Summer Games Event in full swing (August 9th to August 30th), Lucioball has returned to the arcade. This being my first stab at Lucioball, I’ve been having some fun with my in-game friends list.

Only three goals, but none of the others were really worth sharing. The middle clip was the first goal I scored, so I recorded it for the memories.

Enjoying Lucioball? I know we are.

AndromedaGamingMass Effect

ME: Andromeda [Some Spoilers]

Since the early access weekend offered through Origin/EA Access a few days ahead of the release, there have been haters and lovers of the newest installation in the Mass Effect franchise. Most of the complaints seem to stem from the expectation that Bioware should have made this AAA caliber game have better facial animations.

From terrible animations like the one of Scott Ryder (left) attempting to drink from a nonexistent cup, or the floating companion body on the bridge of the Tempest (right). Biowareis notoriously bad at having games with such animations. Where enemies are either under the game terrain, or partially submerged when the object should be pacing the surface. Even where faces appear grotesquely contorted, missing textures so you see the inner face features (horrifying), and many other (mostly) hilarious glitches. While you have the gamer(s) that expect more from a high profile game, said gamer(s) apparently aren’t familiar with Bioware or their work. (Seriously, look at Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO at some point. Glitches everywhere.)

Myself, I’m quite happy with the overall gameplay. I’ve encountered the occasional bad animation, the quest-breaking bug, and even the unending search for an object that’s ridiculously tiny and literally was right in front of you the entire time. (Seriously, that fucking knife on Kadara is damn near invisible. It’s fucking tiny!) However, the gunplay and story are actually decent.


While it feels somewhat… lacking … in the weapons department, you have to realize that you’ll actually be researching your weapons in the early game. You won’t see many new weapons until you start researching and crafting them on the Tempest. (I read that you have to craft them for certain levels to begin appearing as loot drops, however, I would just research a weapon and it would start dropping in the wild for me. *shrug*)

The introduction of some vertical action with the jump jet, and by extension, the hovering ability, really add some new fun to the game. It gives you the option to attack from a separate angle, or evade in a new direction. This extends to the multiplayer portion of the game as well, but I won’t go in to that in this post. Being able to dash evade and fly around the battle field just makes for a completely different combat experience than the previous Mass Effect games. It can be either good or bad, mostly depending on which side of the fence you fall on in the glitches argument.

The Story

The story doesn’t have the same feel to it that the Mass Effect games had originally. With new writers, and several customization options missing from the game, like different appearance options for your companions, it feels a little limited at times. You can customize your clothing/armor colors, as well as change your armor out, but good luck making them stick. The interface for said customization has no indication (on PC at least) of how to make the color changes save and apply. I spent 30 minutes attempting it in the early access, only to give up and Google the answer. (For the curious, on PC you save the color selection by tapping [Space] after selecting a color. Anything else will cancel the change.) Anyhow, back to the story.

While it definitely lacks some of the original feel, it also lacks in the facial reaction and voice acting departments. At times, the faces don’t match the emotion the characters are supposed to be feeling. Looking happy at times when it’s found out that a certain species is converting another species into the first species through genetic stuffs… And then the voice acting is terribly lacking at times, not to mention some of the poor writing choices. I mean, come on, I’m OK with cliche lines but some of them are just way overplayed.

Now, the story itself is actually pretty entertaining if you can look past all the other problems. I’m doing my best… Aside from the numerous side quests, loyalty missions, and “tasks” that float about and tempt you to avoid them because they don’t actually provide any clues on how to obtain/complete said “task,” the main story is actually quite short. I played through 80% of the story missions before stopping and attempting to do a few side quests. I’m actually still sitting on the final mission chain, working on getting the planets completed and whatnot. (Honestly, I’ve mostly been playing around with different profiles and builds, Explorer is my current favorite.)

I recently played a secondary loyalty mission for Liam, and this one mission was quite entertaining. Full extremely cliche moments, the mission was some lighthearted fun. Kind of allowed the characters to interact on a not-so-serious level and just cut loose, despite the mission starting off badly. I particularly enjoyed this mission, being that it was a completely different tone from the previous loyalty missions I’ve completed. Give this one a shot, it was definitely an entertaining mission, at least to me.

Overall, my story analysis: 6.5/10 stars.

Glitches and Other Bugs

On the whole, my experience hasn’t been that terrible with glitches and bugs. Nothing that broke a quest, or corrupted a save. Had a few moments where the game crashed to desktop, but had no memory issues or even major performance issues. One complaint I do have, on initial launch, it started with very basic graphics settings. Everything was on low, and even the resolution was set to an abhorrent setting. Can’t remember the exact one, but I had to manually change all the settings again, despite having set it all up previously in the trial.


What are your thoughts on Andromeda? Have any useful hints or tips? Or even some bad/good experiences with the game so far? Let me know in the comments!


Console Gaming (Why I Decided to Quit)

Today, while driving back home from work, I happened upon a little bit of a EUREKA! moment. Typically, I do all my thinking in my 35 minute drive home from work, it’s some personal time and I get to really hash out ideas, thoughts, and other random shit. Most people do it in the shower, or while pooping, but I’m an outside-the-box kind of guy and refuse to conform to social norms. (I’m such a fucking hipster, it’s rad.)

Anyhow, I don’t remember what actually sparked the thought in my mind, but the main idea was that I am was paying $60 a month for a service that I didn’t really use. I’m a Microsoft gamer, never really was a Sony gamer (though my first console was a PS1), and I’ve been paying $60 a year for over 7 fucking years. Now, I can honestly say that the expense was made justifiable because I would socialize with buddies who had moved away, or just play with others without having to pack my gear up and go somewhere. So, I’ll say that the first 5 or so years were worth the expense.

But the last few years, my gaming time has been dwindling. Due to having two kids, being married, working, and just generally becoming more of an adult than I ever thought possible just a few short years ago. This doesn’t make me any less of a gamer, but I started having some thoughts about why I was still paying for this service. Needless to say, I just shoved those thoughts back into the tiny crevice of my brain that they originated from and vowed to never approach the subject again. So, largely, I didn’t. I kept on, playing by myself most nights, or doing some LFG posting on Reddit to solve my lack of friends online/playing the game I was currently playing. (LFG Destiny raids are NOT worth the trouble.)

And, while I still had fun, it never was the same amount of fun I’d had before. It wasn’t nearly as relaxing, so much as (almost) a damn chore. Some times I just didn’t feel like it, and so I didn’t. I’d rather watch TV than get on Reddit and spend 40+ minutes searching for people to help me do a raid clear. I stopped joining in on party chats, and eventually just stopped playing multiplayer games. I didn’t have a reason to chat with friends playing single player stuff, so I kept to myself. (Side note: this sounds depressing as fuck, but it really wasn’t. Adulting is hard.)

A few months ago, I bought a laptop for school. Started buying games on Steam/Origin and playing those. It was the most enjoyment I had gotten from gaming in months. I didn’t miss the party chats. I wasn’t looking for a group for a raid clear. I was having pure, absolute joy again. So I kept to myself, playing single player games. It was much easier with life, I was able to boot up a game on my own time, without having to schedule shit beforehand. I wasn’t waiting for that one friend to get back from smoking a cigarette, which somehow would last upwards of 20 minutes. I could get drunk, and have fun, with no one bitching because I’m too drunk to shoot straight. Still, through all of this, I didn’t revisit that tiny crevice I had hidden my thoughts. It’s just a phase– I kept telling myself.

Looking back, it makes sense. Hell, I should’ve seen it earlier. It’s not that PC gaming has ruined my motivation to play on consoles. Quite the opposite. If anything, it actually kept me playing for longer. Either to play something I didn’t own (or “borrow”) on my laptop, or just to see what the new Games with Gold deal was. Something. Looking for a reason to play a game I no longer had any interest in, or try to run a strike in Destiny but get bored halfway through. It all makes sense.

This entire time, these past couple of years, I wasn’t paying for Xbox Live because of the games. I was playing it for nostalgia, and to relive the old moments I had gaming with my buddies. I was, essentially, paying $60 a year to remember the old days. Once I had this realization, I facepalmed. I’m an idiot. A big, stupid idiot. Most of the people I played with on console, had since moved on to PC. Either by building them a rig, or buying one and amassing a game catalog that was impressive to someone that played Skyrim that one time for like 10 hours on a shit PC. I could still game with them, but I had to –gasp– convert! (But no really, after a few months on a gaming laptop, it’s way better. Visually, and performance.)

It wasn’t a big eureka moment. Looking back at it, just a few hours ago, it certainly felt like it was. Consoles have been my preferred gaming apparatus for the past decade (Super Nintendo, PS1-3, Xbox (OG to One)) and I never once considered that I would ever fully slide away from the console scene. I mean, yeah, I heard the #PCMasterRace folks talk up PC gaming, where performance was unrivaled and visuals were literally sexy. It didn’t really ever matter to me, at least in that aspect. What mattered was the time I spent bullshitting with friends while doing endless Gold or Platinum runs in Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer experience. And I had been paying, for two years, for the just the memories that the experience left me with. I’m over it now, but I’ve removed all payment methods from my XBL account, and won’t purchasing myself a Gold sub for quite a while. I’ll be focusing on my PC, and just having fun.

When I went to remove my subscription, I discovered that I hadn’t had Gold since July 2nd, 2016. Turns out, the way my brother and I had set up our consoles to share games also allowed sharing Gold. So I’d been playing off his Gold sub for months. Still, I went in to remove all payment methods, so I still did just that. But the way it worked out was just… unexpected, I guess. So that’s my story, and no, there really wasn’t anything special. No life threatening situations, nothing life ending. Just me, a 35 minute drive home, and a random thought about gaming. I don’t have any wise words to impart… Boobs are great.