Anthem’s February 23rd Patch Notes

This was posted yesterday on the Anthem subreddit, and I missed it because… I was playing Anthem. Anyhow, if you want to read the actual post, you can find that here.

Anthem Launch Day

With Anthem finally releasing worldwide today, I’ll list some of the current known issues, bugs, and errors. I saw a post earlier on Reddit’s r/AnthemTheGame subreddit about loss of framerate after yesterday’s 5GB+ patch, usually […]


This time home, I did some more digging around for good games that fly under my radar. I’ve come across a few gems, but Hacknet has really surprised me. I found it on Steam under […]

3 Months Later, Smok Novo Going Strong

Three months ago, almost exactly to the day, I made a post about trying out the Smok Novo. I later did a little update a few weeks after, but I’ve put the Novo through its […]

I Got Bored And Spent 3 Hours on Rainmeter Skins

I got bored while watching shitty TV, and couldn’t sleep either. Started fooling around on the couch with my laptop, and remembered Rainmeter. If you don’t know, Rainmeter is a desktop customization tool, allowing you […]

Restoring Cars in Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 is Ludicrously Lucrative

I started restoring cars in the game’s Normal mode. The initial one was actually an order, an older vehicle with nearly every single part at 50% life, give or take. I had to completely gut […]

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

I picked up Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 yesterday, along with Thief Simulator, in a discounted bundle on Steam. For $20 each, I couldn’t complain about getting two simulators that I’ve been watching for a while.

UltraRare Drop is on Steam!

Since I’ve been buying more games on Steam, I decided to create a group on Steam. You can find UltraRare Drop by clicking here or by searching for the name. The current theme will be […]

Bungie and Activision Part Ways, Questions Remain

Announced January 10th, 2019, Bungie and Activision have gone their separate ways. Bungie still holds the rights to Destiny, naturally, and will self-publish for the foreseeable future.