Seriously, the best looking stuff you can find/craft? None of it matches and you end up looking like the Tiger King. Just check out this fashion statement from my current corpo playthrough.

The boots, the short leopard print shorts, the jacket. This isn’t even the worst combo for me though.

This is my all legendary equipment look. The bodysuit, with the shorts on top, high heels, the fucking bandana, and those damn goggles. The Heist mission suit is the best outfit in the game, and it disappears after that mission. I’m sure there is a crafting spec out there in the game somewhere, which I’ve yet to find, but can I just look good while shooting up the city? Why do I have to look like I came from a mix n’ match fashion show?

It just came to me, fashion here reminds me of Richard Simmons’ old workout tapes from the 80s.

On the otherhand, playing around with photo mode to make the header image was pretty fun. Nice, in-depth photo mode.