If you signed up for the new-on-desktop app, I just received my official beta invite to the desktop version of WARP. The program is extremely featureless right now, but it’s also the beta. Here’s a screenshot of the email I received: I will include the download link at the bottom for those curious, but keep in mind this is supposed to be a small beta prior to the full launch of the desktop version.

The beta version is intended to work on Mac (Catalina) and Windows 10 (build 1909), but they do say it should work as long as you are around those versions. My desktop is on 2004 and the program works perfectly, while my laptop hasn’t had an update in a long time. According to the update screen, version 1903 is available to be downloaded… I’m a little behind on my laptop. It does appear to work just fine on laptop as well.

From the tray icon, right-clicking will allow you switch between and (w/ WARP), as well as allow you to open up the Settings menu, where you can adjust behavior, provide feedback, view your public IP and Device ID. The Account tab doesn’t appear to allow you to switch accounts, but it does allow you to switch your License Key for using WARP. The official version appears to be 1.2.1415.0, and you can download updates directly from the program.

The Connection tab allows you to disable based on WiFi networks and wired networks, either specific ones, or globally. You can switch the DNS protocol used between WARP, DNS over HTTPS, and DNS over TTL. Additionally, you can set a Gateway Unique ID, reset Encryption Keys, or reset everything. They also included a Feedback tab, for easily reporting bugs, which will optionally share the included debug information.

So far, it works wonderfully. Connecting is almost immediate, and compared to ExpressVPN, much faster. My ping according to Speedtest.net after connecting only increased by about 9ms, while download and upload speeds remained within my normal range. This was conducted over WiFi, because I only have one Cat-5e cable at the moment. (I haven’t been to run Cat-6 to my office yet, because crawling around my 130 degree F attic right now is not appealing.)

Overall, in my couple hours of normal use testing, I haven’t had the first issue with it. It works much better than a few other similar paid services, is cheaper, and just feels nice to use. Plus, it’s shiny and new, and I can stay on WARP across my devices now. I can cancel my other VPN services finally.

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