We’re in the final hours of pre-Cyberpunk 2077 and these last few hours will be the longest. Aside from the previous 8 year wait, and 2 delays, these last 3-ish hours will probably pass by rather slowly for me. I just so happen to have tomorrow mostly off, I’ll be spending most of my day binging myself on Cyberpunk‘s world and story. Or, maybe I’ll just spend it in the strip clubs. Who knows? I’ll get a first impressions review up sometime tomorrow afternoon. Check back for that if you haven’t been able to purchase the game yourself yet!

Players on GOG can expect a Day 0 patch to download around a couple hundred megabytes, and Steam users will have a couple of gigabytes to download on this patch. This isn’t going to be much, so it shouldn’t cause too much more of a wait for those that have ultra-slow download speeds.

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