Since I work offshore most of the time, and with so little to do while not working, I’ve been bringing my gaming laptop back and forth from work for almost two years now. The laptop has aged a bit, being 5 years old, and couldn’t play Death Stranding, which I had pre-ordered. Unfortunately, my GTX 960M didn’t support full DX12 support, which rendered my new game unplayable. So, I purchased and assembled a new gaming rig.

After assembly, I realized that I could, in fact, make this not-so-mobile rig mobile. I’ve purchased, and currently waiting on it to arrive, an Open Air Frame for just this purpose. Curious? Here you go:

You can find this item here on Amazon, if you’re curious. Once this arrives, I’ll take my larger case, gut it, and place the components onto this piece of work. This supports mATX boards, with versions that support other motherboard sizes.Some of the reviews are less than pleased, but I’m going to take a risk and try this one out.

One further complication, all of my stuff has to fit inside a bag for travel. Which kind of leaves this setup in a weird position. So, in an attempt to prevent damage to the rig, I started looking at Pelican cases. You know the ones, big, black, bulky cases that are meant for protection. Those were far more expensive than I wanted to admit paying for, so I logged in to Harbor Freight and found their Apache cases. Here’s what I came up with:

This is the extra large 4800 Apache Weatherproof Protective Case. Inner dimensions will comfortably hold the new frame, with some room to spare for other accessories, probably my mouse and maybe keyboard. I eventually want to fully deck this case out with a mobile gaming rig, monitor and all, but that’s for (far) future. For now, it just needs to protect my upgraded desktop components. This should work out pretty well for me, but once all the stuff comes in, I’ll have an update.