So, after quite an extended break due to COVID, work, and recently purchasing a new house, I’ve finally got back to a position where I can sit down, relax, and boot up some new games. I’ve got quite a good bit of catching up to do, and I’ve got more planned for the future as well. Here’s a quick rundown of upcoming posts and content.

I’ve got a good number of things I could go and review for you. From new TVs and games, to various other products I’ve had to purchase for this new house. I picked up Death Stranding at launch, so that review is coming. Unfortunately, I had to purchase a new gaming rig to actually be able to play it. I’m still waiting on all the parts to arrive, and then I’ve got to assemble the thing, update everything, install Steam, then install the game. It’s on down the list, but I’m going to get to it, promise.

There are also some new DLCs for previously reviewed games, like the E-Sports DLC for PC Building Simulator. That one’s actually pretty neat, with some new mechanics and other things for you to work on. I’ll do a full write-up and possibly video with that one.

Sorry this is short, but just wanted to officially get something out there to kind of welcome myself back to the site. It’s been dead for far too long. Keep an eye out, and give me a follow if you want to check back in!