Brass Horn Communications is experimenting with Tor usability for UK residents. Founder Gareth Llewelyn told Motherboard his organization is “about sticking a middle finger up to mobile filtering, mass surveillance.” His recent efforts to build out Tor nodes in the UK, to increase slow speeds, he is now beta-testing a SIM card that will automatically route your data through Tor. This should make it easier to browse protected and keep snooping to a minimum.

Currently, your options on mobile are to use the Tor browser that’s in alpha-release and pair it up with Orbot to run app activity through the network. If an app, like Twitter, has a proxy feature, then it’s compatible. This is currently only available to Android users though. You’ll need Orbot installed to be able to use Brass Horn’s SIM card, with the idea being you’ll be extremely unlikely to get caught online without being on the Tor network.

Additionally, in an email to Gizmodo, Llewellyn stated that using the card on a dual-SIM device would defeat the entire point of the project. The SIM acts as a provider and Brass Horn would basically function as a mobile virtual network operator, piggybacking on other networks. It costs £2.00 per month and £0.025 per megabyte transferred over the network.

If you would like info on joining the beta, check it out here. Additionally, Brass Horn expects to make the SIM cards available to the public in the UK next year. Maybe wait for some additional, third-party research to be conducted before buying in though.

And, if you’re looking for some desktop or laptop browsing protection, check out the Tor browser bundle for PCs. It helps shield your IP address from snoopers and data-collection giants. *cough* Facebook, Google, *cough*