Three months ago, almost exactly to the day, I made a post about trying out the Smok Novo. I later did a little update a few weeks after, but I’ve put the Novo through its paces since the previous update.

Drop testing was a success. Granted that any drops were completely unintentional, the Novo still held up. Most drops were from a height of 3-5 feet but one was from a height of at least 30 ft, into a puddle of water. I don’t know if the Novo is supposed to be waterproof, but it sat in the water for a solid 30-45 seconds before I could get to it. I dried it off, gave a test puff, and it was solid. It didn’t even split apart. The pod itself had water in it, and had popped out of the slot, but a quick change and refill, and it was puffing like new.

Additionally, I actually did get the pod to leak finally. To the point where the Novo wouldn’t fire. However, I cleaned the inside out, cleaned the pod off, and it worked like new. No problems whatsoever and still going strong.

I’ve read a lot of reviews, where it does on them after a months for whatever reason. But mine is still chugging along, and doing it one puff at a time.