What do you do when Steam emails you info that a game on your wishlist has gone on sale? You purchase that shit immediately, which is exactly what I did today. Proof? Here:

Email came in at 4:10 PM and I purchased Orwell (for $2.49) at 4:13 PM today. I even stopped, albeit briefly, my current task of leaving to house to bring my kids to karate lessons, to pick this game up. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, along with several others, and I’ve just been waiting for the game to hit a sale. Just so happened that this is the lowest price I’ve ever seen this game, so I snatched up the base game. I’ll give a whirl and if I like it enough, I’ll grab the DLC later. In fact, that’s the second game in the last couple of weeks that I’ve actually had on my wishlist until it went on sale. I grabbed Transport Fever on sale a couple weeks ago for extremely cheap (~$8 instead of $24.99). I haven’t had much time to spend in the games, I mean, Orwell just finished downloading, and I did download Transport Fever but having the time to play has completely eluded me thus far.

No, I’m not complaining that my gaming time has been effectively nerfed recently, or that I spent all weekend helping my mom prepare for her wedding… I mean, those are probably the best reasons I’ve had in a long time for actually not being able to game as much I want. Probably a good thing. Laundry was (who am I kidding, always is) a big time suck, because two kids in school somehow means they wear their entire wardrobe every week, despite being in uniforms all week. It’s like doing the dishes every day. Somehow, my family manages to use all the spoons, forks, and cups we own every single day. How does this happen?!

Alright, I’ll be spending some game time over the next week in Orwell, Transport Fever, and probably Space Engineers again because I can’t seem to get enough of that game. I just like building random shit that I’ll never upload to the workshop or even use in survival because I just want to build these ridiculously large things that really serve no purpose other than to occupy my finite hours of gaming. Oh, and probably a few hours in Overwatch raging about all the damn Hanzo and Genji players seem to be matched only with me…

Keep an eye out for some new content, I may even do some videos if I can somehow find the time!