Hello all, decided to write this because it took me 20 minutes of farting around looking at Google searches to find the information I needed. A few days ago, actually like two weeks but who cares, my iPhone 6s Plus decided to die at low battery. Usually, not a problem at all and easily fixable by just charging the phone. However, with the Yalu jailbreak being semi-tethered (not fully tethered, not untethered which I’ll go into at the end,) upon reboot I needed to rejailbreak. With a semi-tethered jailbreak, as things go, it uses an iCloud account to generate security certificates for app development and testing. And with the method used, the certificates all expire after 7 days. Meaning, if you reboot at any point past the 7 day certificate, you’ll need to reconnect your iPhone to your computer to recertify the Yalu app. Hopefully, with the issues I had figuring this out, this post will put everything you need into one post.

Please note: This is basically half the process of jailbreaking, and I won’t be going into the details beyond getting the Yalu app onto the phone. I’m assuming you were jailbroken already at some point, with Yalu, and that you already know the other half of the steps.

What you’ll need:

  1. Yalu IPA (Beta 7)
  2. Cydia Impactor (latest version)
  3. Latest version of iTunes (be sure to sign in!)
  4. A computer (This is for Windows!)
  5. Your iPhone (Note that iPhone 7/7s is not supported by Yalu)
  6. Charge cable

Step 1:

Before you ever begin, make sure that your phone is plugged in and recognized with the computer. Once this is done, and you’ve downloaded the IPA and Impactor (linked above,) start up iTunes if you have disabled it from launching at startup.

If iTunes does not start up, or is not installed, Cydia Impactor will throw a “lockdown.cpp” error and you’ll be left wondering what the problem is. Simply start up or install iTunes, sign-in, and move to Step 2.

Step 2:


Start up Cydia Impactor. You should immediately see that the program recognizes the iPhone and has the above options. Your device name and ID will be different, of course, but the concept is the same.

Step 3:

Drag the downloaded IPA onto the Impactor window. You can now click “Start” and it will start installing the app and security cert. It will prompt you to enter your iCloud account information, but any account will work, dummy account or not. (Note: the password it asks for is not the account password! It’s asking for a generated app password that is done on the Apple website. If you need help with this, let me know and I’ll go into more detail.)

Step 4:

From here on, you just need to launch the Yalu app (Impactor finishes, though it doesn’t give any confirmation that it worked.) I won’t go into detail because you’ve already done this step to jailbreak in the first place.


“lockdown.cpp: xxx” errors are simply Impactor having issues accessing the device. (I believe, I’m not a programmer.) Like stated above, you’ll need to install (or start up) iTunes and try again.

“provission.cpp: xxx” errors usually occur near the end of the process in Impactor. Simply put, you already have a certificate in the program that it’s trying to re-certify. This won’t work obviously, and you’ll need to clear it from Impactor. Tutorial below:

In the Impactor program, you’ll see the toolbar. Under the “Xcode” option, there is the option to “Revoke Certificates.” Select that option. (Note that you may have to have the phone connected. I didn’t and it still worked, but your mileage may vary.) Now try type in your credentials again, and let it do it’s thing.