Made some changes to the navigation menu, mostly due to the presence of a game that I no longer play or even keep up with. After the drama around Elysium the last few months, I decided to keep my distance and stop playing. Never a good sign when a dev team lies to their community, much less how some of the staff were operating. I won’t go into details, because I’m not covering that issue.

What I am writing this post for, is to give you a heads up that the Elysium Project category will be turned into an archive, and those posts will no longer be official content of MHG. As a result, I started recording some gameplay from Elite Dangerous last night, mostly just doing some exploration. For the time being, the locations that I discover will be cataloged until I put together a decent video. It’s nothing special, but it will become a main part of this blog and the content. I plan on doing write ups on what to look for when exploring, as well as how I got started and the initial mistakes I made in the early days. (The first 20 hours of this game is brutal.)

Stay tuned, as I try to pump out some quick exploration videos and get a little montage going to upload.