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Elite: Dangerous On Sale (Humble Bundle)

Elite: Dangerous Commander Deluxe Edition is currently on sale through May 25th. It’s 33% off of the original price of $59.99 and is going for $40.19 for the next week and some odd days. If you’ve been looking for a good reason to try out a Space Trucker sim, this could potentially be the best time to try it out.

Elite: Dangerous is one the more interesting, if not really hard to learn in the first 20 hours, space sims out there right now. While a lot of the features are just scratches on the surface of what Frontier intends to do, the game has tons of new content coming in the next few months.

Currently, Elite: Dangerous is only available on Steam and Xbox One. However, Frontier is working on getting Elite: Dangerous released on the Playstation 4 sometime this year.

If you don’t mind learning on your own (because the tutorials are nice but they don’t cover 20% of the info you need to learn) for a few hours, and figuring out how to dock/undock at space stations… Try this game out for a few hours. It’s addicting!

HumbleBundle Link

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Changes to MHG

Made some changes to the navigation menu, mostly due to the presence of a game that I no longer play or even keep up with. After the drama around Elysium the last few months, I decided to keep my distance and stop playing. Never a good sign when a dev team lies to their community, much less how some of the staff were operating. I won’t go into details, because I’m not covering that issue.

What I am writing this post for, is to give you a heads up that the Elysium Project category will be turned into an archive, and those posts will no longer be official content of MHG. As a result, I started recording some gameplay from Elite Dangerous last night, mostly just doing some exploration. For the time being, the locations that I discover will be cataloged until I put together a decent video. It’s nothing special, but it will become a main part of this blog and the content. I plan on doing write ups on what to look for when exploring, as well as how I got started and the initial mistakes I made in the early days. (The first 20 hours of this game is brutal.)

Stay tuned, as I try to pump out some quick exploration videos and get a little montage going to upload.