Since the early Patch 1.05 that came roughly a month ago to Mass Effect: Andromeda, not much has been said about a new patch until the last stream on Twitch this past Friday. At that point, it was deemed that the patch was Coming Soon(TM). Players on r/MECoOp and r/MEAndromeda subs on Reddit rejoiced, but soon turned sour with more discoveries related to MP difficulty. I won’t go into that topic here, rather look for the dedicated post sometime today.

As seen above, the wait will be over tomorrow morning (depending on your time zone!) No patch notes have been released, but there is a blog post that somewhat details the upcoming changes in this patch. We do know from the stream that this is a stability patch mixed in with balance changes. There’s also speculation that the patch is coming tomorrow (seemingly random) due to the release of Turian Agent character on Thursday. Redditors have speculated that the content for the Turian Agent character is not in the game, thus the reason for the random patch.

For future streams, check out the Bioware Twitch channel.

We will see what the patch brings tomorrow, and have some updated and in-depth patch notes as well. We’ll see you then!