With the recent announcements for a new Star Wars game, Star Wars: Fallen Order, I recently started browsing through my Steam games and realized I had several Star Wars games that I never bothered to play after purchasing.

One of the original reasons for even creating my Steam account began with the two titles on the bottom. I had spent many days and nights, holidays, weekdays, and weekends, playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords in my early gaming life. Hell, if I could find a PC version of the Star Wars: Obi-Wan game, I’d repurchase that, too. And, while I’m at it, Republic Commando. (Yes, I know latter is on Steam. I just forget. A lot.) Having spent plenty of time playing Dark Forces, basically a reskinned version of DOOM, and having never played Dark Forces II or Mysteries of the Sith at all, I opted to download two more of my previously played games.

I don’t remember much about either game. I never *technically* owned either game, but I did borrow them from a friend for extended periods of time. I’m not even sure I finished either game, but I remember spending tons of time playing the games. Either way, I’ve owned Jedi Knight and Jedi Knight II for no less that 4 years, and have never installed or played them. I’m guilty of being distracted by graphically pretty, bug-heavy Triple-A titles for the last 8 years of my gaming career. As of the last few months, however, it seems things have changed. As with most of my recent posts, I’m diving into less promoted games, finding gems on the Steam specials pages, and reliving parts of my childhood that I never thought I’d be able to relive.

So, I go back out to work next week, and I’ll be bringing all of my Star Wars games with me, except the two Dark Forces games. Because I do draw the line, and those existed before I was even born. Either way, I’ll be having fun playing one of my most loved franchises in history. I also need to download Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005,) it’s another game I didn’t know I missed until now…

Have any other oldies (relatively) that I should try? Leave me a comment, I’m always looking for new titles to try.