If you head over to the Epic Games storefront, you’ll get a glimpse of the currently free game, Thimbleweed Park. Today is your last chance to get that game for free, which goes for $19.99 on Steam.

Fear not, however; Slime Rancher, which retails on Steam for $19.99, will be free starting tomorrow (March 7th) all the way through March 21st. If you’ve been keeping an eye on either of those games, I’d recommend you pick them up!

I’ve put about an hour so far into Thimbleweed Park, and it’s pretty fun so far. I have yet to progress far enough to give an in-depth review, so I’ll be reserving that for the near future. However, it’s a free game, and I definitely recommend grabbing it, if for nothing more than to fill out your Epic Games (Launcher) library.

Here’s the synopsis of Slime Rancher, pulled from the Epic Games Store:

Welcome to the Far, Far Range
Slime Rancher is a charming, first-person, sandbox experience. Play as Beatrix LeBeau: a plucky, young rancher who sets out for a life a thousand light years away from Earth on the ‘Far, Far Range.
Each day will present new challenges and risky opportunities as you attempt to amass a great fortune in the business of slime ranching. Collect colorful slimes, grow crops, harvest resources, and explore the untamed wilds through the mastery of your all-purpose vacpack.

And, because it’s a relatively cartoonish-looking game, a quick YouTube video of the game.

I’ve already claimed and downloaded Thimbleweed Park, and I’ll be claiming Slime Rancher as soon I’m able.