Looking back at all the DLC releases for Bioware games in the past, you can sort of see that DLC doesn’t come as quickly as other games. Typically, this isn’t a problem for most games as there’s a good bit of content available at release. (Or not, The Division.) Giving Bioware time to spice up their game(s) with some sweet, paid DLC sometime down the road.


Looking at the comparison above, and in the featured image, you can see that the typical release is at least 4 months and some odd days. The pictured estimate is, at best, the closest you can get without being part of the Bioware loop.

The chart leaves out minor DLC, like the APEX missions being added roughly every two weeks, Day One DLC (that is likely included with the game,) and promotional content at release. The minor DLC I would even call patches, because in this day’s gaming world, patches are a necessity with all the bugs due to rushed launches. All this information is pretty interesting, mostly because I’ve never taken the time to compare the releases of first DLCs after a Bioware game launch.

Long story short, don’t look for any additional content for Mass Effect: Andromeda anytime soon. Maybe in late July, or early August, but take that with a grain o’ salt.