An enterprising Reddit user by the handle of u/SneakyBadAss took the time to re-edit the 2016 movie Passengers into a horror movie. The new edit puts you in the perspective of Jennifer Laurence. The linked upload (to Google Drive) is currently down due to Google’s share/download limits to shared Drive files. However, I’m currently working on getting a mirror link up to share here.

You should be able to download the MP4 file (about 1.1 GB total) from my mirror link currently, and eventually from the original Drive link.

I haven’t watched it yet, still downloading, but if the Reddit comments are to be believed, it’s an amazing edit. Let me know what you think in the comments!

You can view the original post here, the original Drive link.

12-8-2021: Updated the link and have added a backup mirror link, in case the Drive one doesn’t work or whatever reason.