Note: this guide is several months out of date and may not work anymore.

I’m a big advocate of play the game how you want. I believe that should you pay full price for a game, you should be able to play it the way you want. As a result, I’ve been ‘cheating’ to get everything unlocked. I’m a cheater only to reduce the grind. I’m a parent, have a full-time job, and only play a few hours every week. As a result, I try to find methods around the dreaded grind. (I don’t feel like I need to prove anything to anyone either, so if that’s your argument… Whatever bro.)

Mass Effect Andromeda

Step 1: Download Cheat Engine here:

Step 2: Download this cheat table MEA

Step 3: Once downloaded and Cheat Engine is installed, double-click on the cheat table to launch the program with the table. Click on the little computer icon under File.


Step 4: Find and highlight the MEA process from the list. Once highlighted, select Open.


Step 5: Will prompt this message. Select yes, which will keep the loaded table.


Step 6: Click the blank boxes on the left to open up the menus.


Should see the above picture and options.

The first 8 options under Player Modifiers are self explanatory.

For Movement mods, you can adjust jump height, run speed, etc.

Under Damage Modifiers:

Damage Received: Under the Value field indicates the percentage of damage received from enemies. Setting to 0.1 would be 10% damage, and 1 is normal damage.

Damage Done: Same as Damage Received, but is damage dealt to enemies.

One-hit kill and invincibility speak for themselves.

Score/XP Multiplier: Player Score box DOES NOT WORK and will not activate. Use the damage multiplier box. Under value, you can modify it to be 10x, 100x, 1000x of the normal score multipliers. Setting to 100x will bring a level 1 to level 20 just by killing in the last wave.

Match modifiers: 1)ReadyUp has a few settings, for farming you need to select AutoReadyUp. This allows you to AFK while the game autocompletes matches. Instant last wave will spawn you into the match at wave 7. Fast Wave timer sets ALL wave timers (even for objectives) to 3 seconds.

For farming credits, I usually activate Instant Last Wave, Fast Wave timer, and AutoReadyUp. Once those are on, jump into a private Platinum match and let the game and table do their space magic.