Engadget apparently leaked this article a couple of hours before today’s livestream. You can find the original Reddit post here. You can view the megathread discussion on Reddit here, or you can recap on the livestream by viewing the attributed live thread that went up for the event.

I’ll just touch on some of the high points, because I didn’t watch the stream or even read through most of the live thread.

The game will be receiving cross-save support for ALL platforms, including Google Stadia. Destiny 2 will be renamed with the upcoming DLC, Shadowkeep. The game will go by Destiny: New Light. The base game and the first year of DLC content will be free-to-play. Forsaken and Year 2 Annual Pass will be considered expansions, as well as the upcoming Shadowkeep content. Shadowkeep is being called both a stand-alone DLC as well as an expansion pack. Exclusive content will no longer exist. All platforms will receive all content when the new stuff drops. Destiny: New Light will be coming to Steam, and all existing content from Blizzard/Activision will transfer over. This includes saves and content licenses. Additionally, the Forsaken and Annual Pass content will be bundled for $40. Instead of purchasing year passes, you’ll be able to purchase individual seasons.

The game appears to be embracing the action MMO definition, instead of just flirting with the genre. In fact, the devs even explicitly stated “action MMO” on the stream. After going back through the live thread, Datto apparently has a long Q&A session. If you’d like to read through that, it’s in the first third or so of the live thread. Otherwise, you can watch the ViDoc below.

Here’s the trailer for Shadowkeep:

It appears that since the split and Bungie going independent, that they’ve completely embraced some new directions for the game. However, I can’t say I’m too excited going forward. Just from the history of Destiny 1 and the first year of D2, I won’t get excited for this news just yet. There appears to be a lot going on to reduce the overwhelming blast of old content that currently happens for new players, while also giving us more chances to spend money. And, of course, with cross-save functionality and the game being available on Google Stadia, you’ll have tons of new places to play the game.