With Anthem finally releasing worldwide today, I’ll list some of the current known issues, bugs, and errors. I saw a post earlier on Reddit’s r/AnthemTheGame subreddit about loss of framerate after yesterday’s 5GB+ patch, usually resulting in players getting less-than-stellar framerates. As far I can tell, I’m getting a constant 25 FPS but it doesn’t look that bad. In fact, I feel most of my issues stem from the my Nvidia drivers being 9 months out-of-date (and I’m currently in the process of updating them.)

Hey everyone — Just a quick reminder that we love all the feedback, and we are reading it. It would also be super awesome for us if you all don’t mind helping us by reporting any bugs you find with us at our Answers HQ, and if you’re having technical difficulties or need game support, EA Help.

Report Bugs here (AHQ): https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/bd-p/anthem-bug-reports-en

Obviously, we will continue to read this subreddit, but those places are the best to ensure we’re able to track your issues and get you personal help.
Thank you!

Message from BioWare regarding bug reports.

PC Issues, Bugs, Errors

If you remember the (never fixed) Mass Effect: Andromeda bug of the sound cutting out in the middle of a session, it appears to have made a comeback. Happens exactly the same way, that is, randomly, and persists until the game is closed and launched again. Reddit user spacedublin

Massive drop in framerate after day one patch, running a pretty beefy system. Reddit user lp_xuave

Loss of input on mouse and keyboard, lasts 3-4 seconds before regaining controls. munki17

Bugged lobbies, effecting progression in some way. Provides examples. User also reports rubberbanding and game crashes. CzarofNar

Xbox One Issues, Bugs, Errors

Several users reporting that the game freezes and has to be force-closed to fix. One user reported that it seems to happen when talking to Zoe. Users: Zombisztajn and DREBIN365

Horrible lag, even walking around in Fort Tarsis. TubbyTacoSlap

Xbox One X (and PS4 Pro) day one patch disabled HDR. Could be a bug, could intentional.

Free roam sessions rubberbanding, randomly sending players to Fort Tarsis, and server crashes. Reggie_MiIler

Playstation 4 Issues, Bugs, Errors

Color schemes not saving, closing and relaunching doesn’t fix or help. Seems to be pretty common. LBoogieSkells and I-AJR

I can’t post all the issues in that thread, or I’d be here all day. However, you can find the megathread here, and browse through. I haven’t encountered any of the issues above, though I just downloaded the game yesterday. One of the most common I’ve noticed are the extremely long load times, 30 seconds to almost 2 minutes at times. Even for me, I’m running Anthem off a M.2 drive (solid-state for those that don’t know) and loading times for other games are typically less than 15 seconds. That being said, the only similar game that had long loading times was Destiny 2, and those loads seemed to be around the 45 second mark at the most. Of course, Destiny 2 is over 100GB, and Anthem is roughly half of that. If I come across any more interesting bugs or issues, I’ll add them in.

If you have some issues, let me know the comments and I’ll add it the above list as I go. Hopefully, most of you aren’t having major issues and can enjoy the game.

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