Since I’ve covered a multitude of topics, and I keep covering others that further broaden what I write about… I said screw it and decided to do a post on weird vehicles and other wheel-dependent or wheel-variant locomotion devices. I find these on Reddits r/WeirdWheels sub, which has had everything even remotely related to transportation posted. I recently decided to do a best of collection, which I may cover once a month or may not. I dont want to include a ton of pictures, so I’ll limit it to some of the more WTF cars.

First up, this blown, lifted, and four wheel drive Corvette. While I question the paint job, I honestly can’t say that I wouldn’t drive the shit out of this.

Next up, a stretched woody Wagon. Not much info on this thing, but check out the comments if you’re curious.

Another one that I’d absolutely drive. For those with the money for a Porsche 911 RS (Safari) and then enough money to turn it into a monstrosity. Check out the comments here.

A 1995 Chrysler Atlantic concept car. 1930s styling with a straight 8. More Chrysler concept cars were posted in the comments, but I won’t mention them here. Instead, check out the comments!

Comments here on this chopped Beetle. Dayyum. Build link.

Comments here on this bike, but its officially called the Tractorbike or Tractorcycle here.

Last one for this month, a custom railroad bike that looks like it might be made out of wood. Reddit comments here, and the posted source here.

I may or may not come back next month and do another, it just depends on how this post does. If you want to see more Weird Wheels, feel free to visit the mentioned subreddit and check them out. The above were pulled from December 2018’s top submissions, and I picked some the strange ones but I didn’t use some of them. If you liked it and want to see more, hit me up in the comments and let me know!