The Fallout series has always had that lawless feel, partially because it’s post-apocalyptic and the only thing you really had were your weapons and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills tree to make your way through quests and confrontations in the localized wastelands. Naturally, Fallout 76 is no different.

Only a full day after the launch of Fallout 76, one player took to Twitter to ask Bethesda how they were supposed to report harassment in the brand new game.  

On Twitter, the player shared footage of a group harassing the players own group. Normally, this a shared-world PvP game where players can attack each other. Again, lawlessness and all that traditional Fallout feel, but with other player-characters instead of NPCs. In the clip, the harassers were laughing and group members claimed to be targeting “gays,” which they were on a mission to “cleanse” from the wasteland. The clip has been seen nearly 35,000 times at the time of writing.

Bethesda initially handed out bans for only three days, but the punishment was upped to a lifetime ban shortly afterwards.

We gave an initial ban of three days while our CS team looked into the matter further to verify the individuals involved and what took place. 
After additional review, we have now permanently banned the players we’ve identified.

Bethesda spokesperson speaking to Eurogamer.

The limited reporting options within Fallout 76 are part of the problem. While players can block each other, there are currently no means to report players within the game. Leaving the only methods available, emailing Bethesda, or posting on social media.

These guys were running around targeting people and what if they targeted a kid playing that was struggling with their identity? What if they said all those things to someone that was playing solo and didn’t have anyone to talk to? That can really mess someone up.

Gamer AJpls to Eurogamer.