For gamers on a budget, Nvidia quietly added the 3GB GeForce GTX 1050 on its website.

The 3GB version should help gamers handle modern games. It only packs a 96-bit bus, down from 128-bit bus on its siblings, bring its bandwidth down to 84GBps (112GBps on the others.) Nvidia upped the clock speeds, allowing overclocking to 1,518 MHz. For reference, the GTX 1050 can overclock to 1,455 MHz and the GTX1050 Ti can overclock to 1,392 MHz. Due this, you should see a 10% increase over the GTX 1050.

While not yet available, we should see them in early June after Computex, the price will likely sit between the GTX 1050 ($140) and the GTX 1050 Ti ($200.) It will only be offered Nvidia partners, EVGA, Zotac, and Asus.