Picked up Far Cry 5 over the weekend, downloaded it, and began playing it. Performance-wise, it plays extremely well considering my PC doesn’t exactly meet the minimum requirements. Mostly, it’s my CPU but with some slight overclocking I haven’t had much issue. Like, at all. Anyhow, I’m playing on lowest settings for best performance and the game stays at a solid 60 FPS. It did give me one major hiccup while flying a helicopter and dive-bombing a cult outpost that reduced my framerate to the low 5/6 range for all of 15 seconds. I haven’t been able to replicate that, so Windows may have decided that it’s bullshit programs needed to run briefly while I was mowing down Peggies. Whatever.


The opening interactive-cinematic was creepy. Really. Fucking. Creepy. It actually set the scene pretty well, and gave me a solid idea of what to expect in the long run. Long story short, Joseph Seed (the one holding out his hands) is being served by a US Marshal. You play the rookie Deputy that flew in with the Sheriff (I don’t know, that character grates on my nerves. If it’s wrong, I’ll fix it.) and the US Marshal. You arrest Joseph “Psycho” Seed and proceed on a long walk through the Seed ‘compound’ while Seed’s followers threaten you. Then you get in a chopper, chopper crashes, some chase scenes, everyone with you is kidnapped, you escape, you get saved by Dutch, and then it’s retribution time.


This is just a couple of hours shy of where I’m currently at in the game, having just beaten the first of Seed’s lieutenants. I could give some early game spoilers, but you can find that elsewhere.

My main issues with the game are the random kidnap sequences. You’ll finish a quest, hit a threshold on the disruption meter, and suddenly get kidnapped and whisked away to be tortured. Then you escape, do some more Mayhem, rinse and repeat. I haven’t encountered any game-breaking bugs yet, but the fact that my character is part salmon is pretty fucking cool.

Overall, the AI isn’t that bad. I haven’t personally encountered any bugs yet. I’ve had some fun while hammering on Peggies (oh yeah, this is what the cult-ees [?] are called by the suddenly plentiful resistance upon the start of your interference) and while being hammered on by Peggies.

Oh yeah, and you can have a fucking BEAR as a companion. A dog too, but come on, how many games give you a bear as a companion?


Also, if you get this game, don’t get sucked into the fly fishing game. Otherwise, you’ll never get anywhere else with the campaign. (But here’s a helpful tutorial, y’know, just in case.)