I’ve been playing Overwatch the last few weeks, just to get out of my gaming slump. Part of the reason that I haven’t really  posted anything in a while, but this POTG tonight is currently my proudest moment. Quad-kill with Torbjorn for POTG, a match we were losing quickly. This turned the tide apparently, allowing my team of scrappy randoms to overcome the momentum and stall them until time ran out. I don’t care much for solo queue in Overwatch, but I wanted to play tonight despite no friends being on.

If you wanna add me, BattleTag is Wrexus9#1234. I typically play Quick Play and Mystery Heroes with a few other people from our Super Friends Discord, info on which can be found here.

Quality of the upload wasn’t all that great, sorry. I’ll look into getting that squared up to look better in the future, if I have another proud moment I’d like to share.