When Mass Effect: Andromeda released back in March, I started playing a small group of friends that were incredibly hyped for the game. After all of hours spent grinding, playing, and having tons of fun in Mass Effect 3, we were all extremely happy that Andromeda was finally upon us. In fact, we had a final Mass Effect 3 game night before the new release, to give ME3 a final farewell play.

Not long after launch, two of us immediately quit playing. We haven’t seen a much of them (online, at least) since then. Fortunately, I still had one buddy still going strong. Knowing we’d get tired of running solo/duo with pugs all the time, we had to start branching out and finding some like-minded players. We found a few quickly, and eventually we were up to 5 or 6 people, not including us.

Now, we were content with that! We had enough that we could usually have a full squad running most weekends, if not two when we were lucky. However, due to voice problems only in Mass Effect: Andromeda, I was mostly unable to chat in-game. In fact, I mostly text chatted via Origin, because my in-game voice was so fucked up that I sounded like a demon. Annoying for anyone in the lobby. So, we started using Discord. And kept adding people to Origin and Discord friend lists. Soon we reached double digits, and we created a server to make it easier on everyone involved.

And so, after 4 months, we’ve grown from two players, to over 100. And still adding a few more every week. I was going to do this post a couple weeks ago, when we were sitting at 80ish players/members, but didn’t. Between advertising on LFG posts on Reddit and in-game shenanigans with voice chat, the server has turned into something we didn’t really expect (nor set out to create) to grow into. It’s a happy surprise, and it’s actually been a ton of fun. Anyhow, we’ve been complimented on r/MECoOP (Reddit) for being more active than the unofficial Discord listed in the sidebar. Always have multiple people active on the weekends, with members from Brazil, Italy, Germany, and more.

So, if you’re looking for a good group to play Mass Effect: Andromeda, click the link below for an invite to the group. You can find me there (@NeXusN9ne#0515) and my buddy (@SuperNorth) lurking or posting. We’d be honored to have you, and we’re cooking up some new stuff for the community in the coming weeks.



Invite Link