The build for the Asari Sentinel kit is based on the latest patch, 1.0.7. This class is extremely fun to play when built correctly, and I’ve had massive success on Gold matches. While topping the score board is nothing to really be concerned about, after all, it’s meaningless points, this class can deal some major damage if done correctly.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Asari Sentinel class (preferably rank X for most points)
  2. The Shadow
  3. Ruzerad (or Hurricane/fast firing pistol)

The focus of this class will be getting as many tech ‘splosions as quickly as possible, while still able to quickly shift focus if a teammate goes down or you grab more aggro than you expected.

Let’s go over the weapons first.

You want some quick-priming, which means fast rate of fire, weapons here. The Rozerad should be your primary. If you don’t have the Rozerad, you could also use the Hurricane or Equalizer. If you don’t have those, you can use the Charger but that’s less than ideal. The Rozerad’s high ROF will allow you to quickly prime multiple targets, which can be detonated with a Throw or Energy Drain.

Your secondary weapon should be something longer range. I prefer the Shadow, again because it primes quickly and doesn’t require ammo. You can go with whatever feels more comfortable, of course, but for dealing out death, this is probably one of the better options currently available.

Boosters! Something everything needs to use, regardless of kit, weapon, or other unmentioned problems. You’ll want some Disruptor Ammo, but this can be swapped out freely with any other ammo mod. It really doesn’t matter, because you just need the extra damage the above weapons will offer while waiting for cooldowns to reset. Then you can start the process over.

The second booster should be a Tech Power Amp, to boost your Energy Drain damage some. Couple this with the Engineering Kit equipment and your Energy Drain will be destroying enemy shields and priming them for a quick Throw followup.

Alright, now for the actual skills.

Backlash (4a, 5b, 6a):

  • 4a – Durability: You’ll want durability here, for those hack objectives or for defending teammates reviving/objective clearing.
  • 5b – Reflection: This perk gives you an extra 150% returned damage when reflected, allowing you to do some pretty impressive damage with a defensive ability. I find this evolution invaluable on all characters with Backlash.
  • 6a – Shield Resurgence: Returns up to 50% of you shield over 3 seconds, scaling to returned damage. Great survival evolution, allowing you to actually be supportive when needed.

Throw (4a)

  • 4a – Damage & Force: Gives some extra damage/force to the ability. Useful when detonating ammo mods, but also just good for mook cleanup.

Energy Drain (4a, 5a, 6b)

  • 4a – Effectiveness: +30% damage, +20% shields restored. Not much else to say, but you don’t necessarily need the opposite evo (recharge rate) because you’ll laying down tons of Cryo/Incen/Disruptor rounds while on cooldown. Throw will recharge rather quickly, and allow you to get off an extra detonation or two in the process.
  • 5a – Extended Drain: The major draw to this evolution is that it causes Energy Drain to prime the target. In addition, your shield restore time is 4 seconds and you receive an extra 6% shields per tick. Like I said, the major takeaway for this perk is to get that extra prime that you’ll need for detonations.
  • 6b – Team Drain: Be a team player and help everyone out. Well, within 8 meters anyway. 50% ally shields restored, 8 meter effect radius, and 30% more shields restored to you. You could go with damage (6b) but I find that the team as whole stays alive longer with this perk. Plus, you aren’t always fighting Remnant so 2/3 of the bonuses are effective every time. With 6a, you’ll be useful in every encounter, unless you’re already dead…

Offensive Biotics (4a)

  • 4a – Damage & Force: Some extra damage. Not much else to say. You could go with 4b, to get some additional recharge rate out of the skill. Might be slightly more useful when hunkered down in the thick of everything, but your mileage may vary.

Tech Armor (4a, 5a, 6a)

  • 4a – Protection: If you haven’t noticed, I prefer survival over melee and carry capacity on the caster classes. The extra carry cap is nice, but with this build you’ll need light weapons anyway. Favoring quick primes over heavy hitters, and the ability to stay alive just long enough to get through an encounter.
  • 5a – Protection: Yep, more damage resistance. Refer to 4a if you get curious.
  • 6a – Shield Feedback: More survival-minded evolution. +50% shield regeneration after being hit, +50% regeneration delay after being hit. This perk has saved me countless times when I get careless or distracted. This kit is useless if you’re dead or running away because you’re simply too squishy to survive a medium skirmish. Gotta live.

I’ve been playing this kit build for a couple hours, respeccing when I don’t like a certain mechanic. I built this solely for tech detonations, as I’m currently challenge whoring my way through multiplayer. Nothing wrong with that, but this turned out to be more fun than I had imagined originally.

As always, I recommend changing up whatever you need to change. I’ve had tons of success with this build, and felt I needed to share it.

Update: Yes, this build wrecks. The most fun I’ve had with a class since playing with the Kineticist and Human Vanguards. Tech detonations everywhere…