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Pathfinder Ranger (SMG) in MP

Pathfinder SMG in Multiplayer Mod

Version 1.0 Release

Currently only applies to the Rank X version of the Charger. I’m having some problems isolating a bug that crashes the game on load with lower ranks. I’ll keep working on this and get it working for all ranks. I’m aware not everyone has access to a Rank X Charger yet.
Exchanges the Charger in Multiplayer for the Pathfinder (Pre-order bonus) SMG. This mod is seperate from the Pathfinder Assault Rifle mod and should be used at the same time if you would like both at the same time.

Also buffs the base damage output from 34 to 55.

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If you find this mod anywhere except on, you may have an issue. Be wary of unoriginal copies, and be safe modding!

Download – pathfinder-smg-mp-1.0