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Pathfinder Pioneer (AR) in Multiplayer

This mod replaces the Avenger X (currently only this) with the Pathfinder Pioneer Assault Rifle in multiplayer. This is the Siphon variant of the weapon, as it’s probably the most used variant of weapon, in general. The exact changes are listed in the changelog.


Version 1.0 – Released 9/14/2018 – Replaces Rank X Avenger with Pathfinder Pioneer Assault Rifle. Adjusts damage values to be more in line with a comparable rare weapon’s damage output.

AR-Pathfinder-MP V1.0–Click to download!

Version 1.1 – Released 9/16/2018 – Replaces the remaining Avenger ranks with the Pathfinder Pioneer Assault Rifle.

AR-Pathfinder-MP-1.1 — Click to download!

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