UltraRare Drop is pleased to present it’s first Kiosk mod for Mass Effect: Andromeda. This mod adds new items to the Tempest kiosk, such as weapons, armors, and consumables. You can search through the list below to find the desired combination, or even all of them if your modding heart desires. This mod shouldn’t have any conflicts with other single player mods, though be sure to have a backup available of that save.

Version 1.0

This mod, released January 12th, 2019, adds the entire set of Remnant Legacy armor to the Tempest kiosk. The armor set includes 4 pieces, head/arm/legs/chest and will all be available in the kiosk.

Also added to the kiosk, are all the Milky Way ultra-rare weapons. This does not include anything added in DLC, and just includes the vanilla weapons. Note that this will not make the max level weapon available, it will only make the highest level available. (I.E. If you own a Black Widow I, this mod will add the Black Widow II to the kiosk inventory.) It does not bypass player level requirements either.

Weapons Added:

  • Black Widow
  • N7 Crusader
  • N7 Eagle
  • N7 Hurricane
  • N7 Valkyrie
  • Asari Sword

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