WrexMinimal, my first Rainmeter Skin. The package does not include any layouts, but it does include two similar backgrounds that mesh well with the color scheme. It may not be much, but it started as a project to better use my otherwise cluttered desktop.


As with all RM skins, you can load whichever ones you want. I tried to comment some of the areas, to better explain some things about the individual meters. Only one meter has a variation, the in the Systems folder. You can include the Disk Usage in the System meter, or use the separate Disks meter that is included. Or both, if you like. The Weblinks meter will open Chrome, an Imgur link to some 300+ backgrounds (which is where I found the two included backgrounds,) your desktop folder, and instead of URD local (XAMPP installation for playing with web pages) will be titled Google and open to Google.

I tried to put all fonts, colors, and broad styling in the @Resources folder. I didn’t include the font, which is Razer Regular. I can’t distribute the file, but you can find it easily enough on the web. Each meter will have some extra styling, but it’s unique to each meter. Same thing goes for unique variables, though color, font-size, and font-family variables are in the global.ini file. If, for some reason, I missed properly updating any metadata, do let me know. I plan on cleaning up some of the commenting and adding more variations of each meter in the future.

Known Issues

With certain months of the year, the Clock meter display will get squished or otherwise ugly. It ultimately depends on the month, but if it bugs you can be changed easily enough.


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