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Tempest Kiosk Mod

UltraRare Drop is pleased to present it’s first Kiosk mod for Mass Effect: Andromeda. This mod adds new items to the Tempest kiosk, such as weapons, armors, and consumables. You can search through the list […]

Pathfinder Ranger (SMG) in MP

Pathfinder SMG in Multiplayer Mod Version 1.0 Release Currently only applies to the Rank X version of the Charger. I’m having some problems isolating a bug that crashes the game on load with lower ranks. […]

Pathfinder Pioneer (AR) in Multiplayer

This mod replaces the Avenger X (currently only this) with the Pathfinder Pioneer Assault Rifle in multiplayer. This is the Siphon variant of the weapon, as it’s probably the most used variant of weapon, in […]