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Upcoming: Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Mods

With the recent announcement that Bioware is officially dropping all support for their game, I decided to start modding the game files for my own fun. 

As such, I’ll be able to do a number of things, like changing weapon damage values, power combo values, and even swap active and passive abilities. 

The first mod I’m releasing this weekend (most likely Thursday/Friday night) will simply remove the scope zoom and replace the sniper reticule with the assault rifle reticule on all sniper rifles currently in the game. 

I’ll post the release here, on Reddit, and on a few other places. If you have a request for an adjustment or a new mod, let me know! I’ll see what I can do!

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Bioware Officially Drops Single Player DLC Plans For MEA

Today, Bioware announced on their blog that all plans for Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s DLC have been canceled or dropped. They did state that multiplayer support would continue, but it’s unclear from the blog post how long the support would continue.

When a previous patch dropped, dataminers on the MEA Research Team found plans for 6 new multiplayer kits. It’s currently assumed that these characters will be some of (if not the) last of the support the multiplayer will receive. This is all assumption, and not fact. Take with a grain of salt!

Additionally, Bioware has already stated that they have something planned for N7 day in November. At the very least, we can expect minimal support through the week of N7 day, but anything after that is up in the air. With Mass Effect: Andromeda barely 5 months old, it’s a sad end to the state of the Mass Effect franchise. We already know that the franchise has been shelved since the release of Andromeda, but no further information is known about whether or not the franchise will continue sooner or later. We can all hope for the former, but right now it isn’t looking too good.

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Featured: Super Friends Discord

When Mass Effect: Andromeda released back in March, I started playing a small group of friends that were incredibly hyped for the game. After all of hours spent grinding, playing, and having tons of fun in Mass Effect 3, we were all extremely happy that Andromeda was finally upon us. In fact, we had a final Mass Effect 3 game night before the new release, to give ME3 a final farewell play.

Not long after launch, two of us immediately quit playing. We haven’t seen a much of them (online, at least) since then. Fortunately, I still had one buddy still going strong. Knowing we’d get tired of running solo/duo with pugs all the time, we had to start branching out and finding some like-minded players. We found a few quickly, and eventually we were up to 5 or 6 people, not including us.

Now, we were content with that! We had enough that we could usually have a full squad running most weekends, if not two when we were lucky. However, due to voice problems only in Mass Effect: Andromeda, I was mostly unable to chat in-game. In fact, I mostly text chatted via Origin, because my in-game voice was so fucked up that I sounded like a demon. Annoying for anyone in the lobby. So, we started using Discord. And kept adding people to Origin and Discord friend lists. Soon we reached double digits, and we created a server to make it easier on everyone involved.

And so, after 4 months, we’ve grown from two players, to over 100. And still adding a few more every week. I was going to do this post a couple weeks ago, when we were sitting at 80ish players/members, but didn’t. Between advertising on LFG posts on Reddit and in-game shenanigans with voice chat, the server has turned into something we didn’t really expect (nor set out to create) to grow into. It’s a happy surprise, and it’s actually been a ton of fun. Anyhow, we’ve been complimented on r/MECoOP (Reddit) for being more active than the unofficial Discord listed in the sidebar. Always have multiple people active on the weekends, with members from Brazil, Italy, Germany, and more.

So, if you’re looking for a good group to play Mass Effect: Andromeda, click the link below for an invite to the group. You can find me there (@NeXusN9ne#0515) and my buddy (@SuperNorth) lurking or posting. We’d be honored to have you, and we’re cooking up some new stuff for the community in the coming weeks.



Invite Link

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Tech Goddess – Asari Sentinel Build

The build for the Asari Sentinel kit is based on the latest patch, 1.0.7. This class is extremely fun to play when built correctly, and I’ve had massive success on Gold matches. While topping the score board is nothing to really be concerned about, after all, it’s meaningless points, this class can deal some major damage if done correctly.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Asari Sentinel class (preferably rank X for most points)
  2. The Shadow
  3. Ruzerad (or Hurricane/fast firing pistol)

The focus of this class will be getting as many tech ‘splosions as quickly as possible, while still able to quickly shift focus if a teammate goes down or you grab more aggro than you expected.

Let’s go over the weapons first.

You want some quick-priming, which means fast rate of fire, weapons here. The Rozerad should be your primary. If you don’t have the Rozerad, you could also use the Hurricane or Equalizer. If you don’t have those, you can use the Charger but that’s less than ideal. The Rozerad’s high ROF will allow you to quickly prime multiple targets, which can be detonated with a Throw or Energy Drain.

Your secondary weapon should be something longer range. I prefer the Shadow, again because it primes quickly and doesn’t require ammo. You can go with whatever feels more comfortable, of course, but for dealing out death, this is probably one of the better options currently available.

Boosters! Something everything needs to use, regardless of kit, weapon, or other unmentioned problems. You’ll want some Disruptor Ammo, but this can be swapped out freely with any other ammo mod. It really doesn’t matter, because you just need the extra damage the above weapons will offer while waiting for cooldowns to reset. Then you can start the process over.

The second booster should be a Tech Power Amp, to boost your Energy Drain damage some. Couple this with the Engineering Kit equipment and your Energy Drain will be destroying enemy shields and priming them for a quick Throw followup.

Alright, now for the actual skills.

Backlash (4a, 5b, 6a):

  • 4a – Durability: You’ll want durability here, for those hack objectives or for defending teammates reviving/objective clearing.
  • 5b – Reflection: This perk gives you an extra 150% returned damage when reflected, allowing you to do some pretty impressive damage with a defensive ability. I find this evolution invaluable on all characters with Backlash.
  • 6a – Shield Resurgence: Returns up to 50% of you shield over 3 seconds, scaling to returned damage. Great survival evolution, allowing you to actually be supportive when needed.

Throw (4a)

  • 4a – Damage & Force: Gives some extra damage/force to the ability. Useful when detonating ammo mods, but also just good for mook cleanup.

Energy Drain (4a, 5a, 6b)

  • 4a – Effectiveness: +30% damage, +20% shields restored. Not much else to say, but you don’t necessarily need the opposite evo (recharge rate) because you’ll laying down tons of Cryo/Incen/Disruptor rounds while on cooldown. Throw will recharge rather quickly, and allow you to get off an extra detonation or two in the process.
  • 5a – Extended Drain: The major draw to this evolution is that it causes Energy Drain to prime the target. In addition, your shield restore time is 4 seconds and you receive an extra 6% shields per tick. Like I said, the major takeaway for this perk is to get that extra prime that you’ll need for detonations.
  • 6b – Team Drain: Be a team player and help everyone out. Well, within 8 meters anyway. 50% ally shields restored, 8 meter effect radius, and 30% more shields restored to you. You could go with damage (6b) but I find that the team as whole stays alive longer with this perk. Plus, you aren’t always fighting Remnant so 2/3 of the bonuses are effective every time. With 6a, you’ll be useful in every encounter, unless you’re already dead…

Offensive Biotics (4a)

  • 4a – Damage & Force: Some extra damage. Not much else to say. You could go with 4b, to get some additional recharge rate out of the skill. Might be slightly more useful when hunkered down in the thick of everything, but your mileage may vary.

Tech Armor (4a, 5a, 6a)

  • 4a – Protection: If you haven’t noticed, I prefer survival over melee and carry capacity on the caster classes. The extra carry cap is nice, but with this build you’ll need light weapons anyway. Favoring quick primes over heavy hitters, and the ability to stay alive just long enough to get through an encounter.
  • 5a – Protection: Yep, more damage resistance. Refer to 4a if you get curious.
  • 6a – Shield Feedback: More survival-minded evolution. +50% shield regeneration after being hit, +50% regeneration delay after being hit. This perk has saved me countless times when I get careless or distracted. This kit is useless if you’re dead or running away because you’re simply too squishy to survive a medium skirmish. Gotta live.

I’ve been playing this kit build for a couple hours, respeccing when I don’t like a certain mechanic. I built this solely for tech detonations, as I’m currently challenge whoring my way through multiplayer. Nothing wrong with that, but this turned out to be more fun than I had imagined originally.

As always, I recommend changing up whatever you need to change. I’ve had tons of success with this build, and felt I needed to share it.

Update: Yes, this build wrecks. The most fun I’ve had with a class since playing with the Kineticist and Human Vanguards. Tech detonations everywhere…

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You May Not See DLC For ME:A For A While

Looking back at all the DLC releases for Bioware games in the past, you can sort of see that DLC doesn’t come as quickly as other games. Typically, this isn’t a problem for most games as there’s a good bit of content available at release. (Or not, The Division.) Giving Bioware time to spice up their game(s) with some sweet, paid DLC sometime down the road.


Looking at the comparison above, and in the featured image, you can see that the typical release is at least 4 months and some odd days. The pictured estimate is, at best, the closest you can get without being part of the Bioware loop.

The chart leaves out minor DLC, like the APEX missions being added roughly every two weeks, Day One DLC (that is likely included with the game,) and promotional content at release. The minor DLC I would even call patches, because in this day’s gaming world, patches are a necessity with all the bugs due to rushed launches. All this information is pretty interesting, mostly because I’ve never taken the time to compare the releases of first DLCs after a Bioware game launch.

Long story short, don’t look for any additional content for Mass Effect: Andromeda anytime soon. Maybe in late July, or early August, but take that with a grain o’ salt.

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Asari Adept Build (Post 1.06)

So with the nerfs to the Asari Adept (otherwise called AA after this,) many were becoming concerned that the character would be undeniably weaker in terms of survival ability. The previous builds used the Barrier Drain evolution of the Barrier trait that all biotic characters have to stay within close range of enemies (for Annihilation ability) and still be able to retain shields.

The Barrier Drain ability previously gave +20% on melee hits, which was nerfed to +15% yesterday. Other nerfs that affected the AA character reduced the radius of the Annihilation ability, increased to the power recharge speed penalty (due to Annihilation being a constantly active passive,) and reduced the character’s shields from 250 to 200. All of the above gave the previously overpowered character some pretty substantial nerfs on paper, but appear to have actually had the opposite effect.

Due to yesterday’s Patch 1.06, all power combo damage was buffed depending on the tier you were playing. Bronze, the easiest difficulty, gave a 60% increase to base power combo damage. Silver gave a  140% increase to base power combo damage. And Gold gave a whopping 200% increase to base power combo damage. This is a large increase in power at all levels, and helps every character in the game.

So, what’s the new overpowered build for the AA character?

Throw: 1

Annihilation: 1, 2, 3, 4a, 5a, 6a

For rank 4 evolution, select Radius (4a). While the previous radius was +50%, the new +35% increase is still substantial.

For rank 5 evolution, Damage Attraction (5a) is the best of the two evolutions available. The additional +20% damage from all sources easily outweighs the extra movement speed.

For the rank 6 evolution, Draining Field (6a). This gives you +30% shields for each enemy killed within the Annihilation field. Since this is a Lance build, you’ll be wiping stuff out quickly and easily. *Quick note: This effect stacks with other ability debuffs, including other AA builds…

Lance: 1, 2, 3, 4a, 5b, 6b

The biggest takeaway from these selections is the rank 6 evolution. You’ll pretty much need it to keep spamming the biotic detonations. Shield-powered takes away the cooldown on Lance and replaces it by using your shields as fuel. Looking at rank 6 evo for Annihilation, you should constantly have shields available. This effectively bypasses the cooldown and allows you to (essentially) spam the shit out of biotic combos. And, with the increased damage to power combos, just absolutely wreck everything in your biotic field.

Offensive Biotics: 1, 2, 3, 4a, 5a, 6a

You’ll need Power Enhancement (4a)  since Lance has no cooldown. You’ll need Exposure (5a) to add an additional 20% debuff to enemies. And you’ll need Biotic Expert (6a) to ensure enemies melt while Lance-ing them.

Barrier: 1, 2, 3, 4a, 5b, 6b

Barrier Drain (5b) is just for added durability and emergency shield source for Lance, for when you find yourself with no shields.

I haven’t tried this build yet, because I only just started playing with the character, but even from looking at the build and typing it out… I think it’s overall better than the previous builds that were viable. With the added power combo damage, and other small changes, the nerfs just made a perfect character to roll face in Gold. You essentially spam combos, destroying everything within the kill circle, and then run around to find to more victims. Of course, the recent adjustments to the Kett and Outlaws have somewhat leveled the playing field, and perhaps made this build even more viable.

Try this build out and let me know what you think, because it certainly sounds amazing. Let us know in the comments, or let us know on Twitter!


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Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch 1.06 Available Now! (With Notes)


Just checked on Origin, and Patch 1.06 is available for download now. Just a reminder that the servers will be offline while they push this update, and probably for a short time after as well. The Origin patch is 1.29 Gb (picture is related but taken prior to the patch downloading.)

Stay tuned here for the full patch notes!

Patch Notes from here.


We determined that the base damage of powers were too low, which caused them to be underpowered in the late stages. We’ve now increased the base damage of powers and improved some of the bonuses granted by additional skill points. We’ve also improved damage from passive skill trees.

Combo detonations on Gold and Silver difficulties also received a buff because they inflicted less damage than intended.


Mass Effect multiplayer is more fun when it’s fast-paced, but low weapon damage limited that pace on Gold and Silver difficulties. There was also a noticeable imbalance between weapon classes, particularly for shotguns and assault rifles.

We’ve boosted the base damage for several underperforming assault rifles, pistols, and shotguns to make them more effective. In particular, we wanted shotguns to become better skirmish weapons, so we boosted their damage and accuracy outside of cover, while reducing the extra accuracy bonus when firing from cover.

Finally, we reduced the damage of the Vanquisher sniper rifle to make it comparable with other weapons. Its overwhelming damage far outclassed other weapons and made this particular sniper rifle a must-have. We’ve now evened the playing field so players feel more comfortable bringing something besides the Vanquisher to a Gold-level game.

We’ll continue to consider potential adjustments for some weapons.

Enemy Factions

We’ve also changed how difficult some enemy factions are to fight.

Due to their individual survivability, the kett were the most difficult faction. To combat this, we reduced their health and defenses. We also lessened the chance the Fiend will sync-attack on Silver and Gold difficulties. We’re investigating latency issues that cause the Fiend to appear like it teleports when it jumps.

We wanted to make the Outlaws more challenging, so we improved the ability of Sharpshooters and Hydras to push players into cover. We also made the Berserker easier to fight from cover and the Hydra is now stronger and more dangerous.

We left the Remnant untouched and continue to monitor their performance.


Fixed a bug that made Silver and Gold difficulties use normal stats for Shield Gate and Health Gate

Fixed a bug that made Silver and Gold difficulties use normal stats for damage reduction due to armor. Enemy armor now reduces 15 damage per hit on Silver and 20 damage per hit on Gold, to a minimum of 10 damage per hit


All Damage Powers

Raw damage upgrades increased by a cumulative 25-35% per power

All Offensive Passive Lines

Power damage upgrades increased by a cumulative 20% per line

Power Combos

Fixed an issue that caused combos in Gold and Silver difficulties to inflict incorrect base damage

Increased base combo damage by approximately 60% in Bronze, 140% in Silver, and 200% in Gold.

Increased the value of combo damage upgrades in all passives from +30% to +50%

Combat Powers:


Increased base duration from 12s to 13s

Decreased Rank 4 duration bonus from 40% to 35%, although the end duration is still greater than before

Increased Rank 5 buff from 20% to 30% power damage bonus

Flak Cannon

Increased base primary damage from 180 to 250

Increased base power cell count from 2 to 4

Tech Powers:

Assault Turret

Increased the Rank 5 flamethrower’s damage per second from 45 to 150, and burn damage over time from 22 to 35 damage per second

Increased the Rank 2 health upgrade from +30% to +50%, and the Rank 4 health upgrade from +50% to +75%

The power’s cooldown now triggers when the turret spawns, instead of when it is destroyed.

Increased base bullet damage from 20 to 36

The cooldown is now 30s, but can be reduced to 10s with the Rank 4 cooldown upgrade.

Fixed a bug causing the Rank 6 cryo ammo to inflict no damage


Increased the base damage from 120 to 350

Decreased the damage over time from 50 to 45 damage per second


Increased base uncharged damage from 150 to 200, and charged damage from 200 to 300


Increased base damage from 220 to 240 damage per second

Cryo Beam

Increased base damage per second from 135 to 150

Energy Drain

Increased base damage from 160 to 175

Shield Boost

Increased base radius from 6m to 8m

Increased support score generated by successfully giving another player shields from 10 to 20


Improved Rank 4 infection radius and Rank 5 spread radius

Remnant VI

Increased base health from 500 to 800

Increased Rank 2 health upgrade from 15% to 65%

Improved Rank 4 health regeneration rate and delay

Increased Rank 5 close-combat health upgrade from 120% to 200%

Increased the Rank 6 missile damage from 90 to 450

Decreased the Rank 6 missile cooldown from 10s to 5s

Increased base beam damage from 70 to 100 damage per second

Fixed issue where VI would occasionally get stuck

VI will now teleport to player if its path is too complex

Biotic Powers:


Increased Rank 5’s crushing grip damage over time from 35 to 60 damage per second


Increased base damage from 225 to 240


Increased base damage from 225 to 245


Decreased base cooldown from 24s to 20s

Increased Rank 5 recharge rate bonus from +25% to +40%


Increased base aegis health from 350 to 400

Increased base reflection damage bonus from +180% to +200%

Increased Rank 4 and Rank 5 bonuses


Increased base damage from 250 to 275


Increased base damage from 400 to 420


Increased the base cooldown penalty from 60% to 75%

Decreased the Rank 4 radius bonus from 50% to 35%

Damage and bonuses from different users will now stack on the same target


Slightly improved aim assist at longer ranges

Passive Powers:


Barrier Drain: shield regeneration value from melee attacks decreased from 20% to 15%

Biotic Link: can now only apply its effect once every 5s

Saving Barrier: cooldown on the automatic shield regeneration increased from 10s to 15s

Biotic Ascension

Improved the bonuses for Rank 6 evolutions

Character Stats:

Asari Adept

Decreased base shields from 250 to 200

Krogan Vanguard

Decreased base shields from 180 to 150


Assault Rifles


Increased damage from 35–47 to 39–50


Increased damage from 50–63 to 90–113

Increased magazine size from 16 to 20


Increased damage from 60–76 to 79–99


Increased damage from 86–99 to 164–190

Increased magazine size from 16 to 20

Increased total spare ammo from 128–160 to 140–175


Increased damage from 51–59 to 70–81

Improved rate-of-fire charge time from 1s to 0.5s

Improved accuracy when firing from the hip or firing blindly over barriers

Maximum accuracy while aiming down sights was slightly decreased; the accuracy penalty for firing was reduced.


Increased damage from 35–40 to 58–67


Increased damage from 90–113 to 150–180



Increased damage from 175–220 to 255–321


Increased damage from 46–55 to 101–121


Increased damage from 150–180 to 167–200


Increased damage from 49–57 to 65–75


Increased damage from 69–80 to 96–111

Improved accuracy


Increased damage from 48–56 to 73-84

Increased rate of fire from 420–525 to 490–613

Improved rate-of-fire charge time from 2s to 1s

Improved accuracy


Increased damage from 463–535 to 775–896

Increased magazine size from 1 to 2

Increased total ammo from 18–23 to 20–25

Reduced weight from 0.25–0.13 to 0.2–0.1


Accuracy slightly reduced



Increased damage per pellet from 46–61 to 64–85


Increased damage per pellet from 54–62 to 59–68


Increased damage per pellet from 60–76 to 79–99


Increased damage per pellet from 98–123 to 171–215


Increased damage from 382–442 to 699–808

Bullet trails added to the slug


Increased damage per pellet from 55–66 to 66–79


Increased damage per pellet from 46–55 to 66–79


Increased damage from 595–688 to 850–983

Increased magazine size from 2 to 3

Increased total spare ammo from 20–25 to 21–26

Deals extra weak point damage


Increased damage from 290–348 to 352–422

The initial round will now explode on contact with a target and the fragments will travel faster and longer before they explode

Sniper Rifles


Reduced damage from 675–810 to 600–720


Increased damage from 38–46 to 85–102

Increased damage as the Shadow gets closer to overheating; weapon will overheat faster


Increased damage from 463–535 to 550–636

Total spare ammo increased from 35–44 to 45–56


Increased damage from 496–574 to 650–752




Reduced health by 20%


Reduced health by 5%


Reduced shields by 47%


Reduced shields by 67%


Decreased the chance that a Fiend initiates a sync attack on Hardcore and Insanity difficulties in single-player and Silver and Gold difficulties in multiplayer


Cobra RPG can now damage the Ascendant after its Orb is destroyed; on Normal or Bronze difficulty, the Cobra RPG can kill the Ascendant in one shot

Increased effectiveness of powers and weapons that lack extra weak point damage against the Orb


Angaran Saboteur

Increased armor by 33%

Turian Anarchist

Increased armor by 33%

Increased weapon damage by 20%

Salarian Agent

Increased armor by 33%

Now fires more frequently

Asari Pariah

Increased armor by 33%

Increased weapon damage by 20%


Increased shields by 60%

Increased frequency of firing at targets in cover

Decreased aiming time against out-of-cover targets at higher difficulties

Decreased sniper rifle damage by 18%

[SP] Fixed a bug that caused Roekaar Sharpshooters to deal 75% more sniper rifle damage than intended

Krogan Berserker

Reduced armor by 20%


Increased armor by 38%

Weak point health now scales per difficulty in proportion to base health, effectively making it harder to break the weak point on Hardcore and Insanity difficulties in single-player and on Silver and Gold difficulties in multiplayer

Bonus damage from destroying the weak point now also scales with health

Increased normal shot damage by 67%

Normal shot projectile speed doubled

Bug Fixes

The Destroyer and Hydra’s remains will properly disappear after being defeated

Matches / Missions

Match Medals

Score required to achieve a Support Medal for Bronze, Silver, and Gold difficulties increased from 400/800/1,200 to 800/1,600/2,000


Item Store

Added Experience Boosters to the Item Store


Adaptive War Amp

Increased damage bonus from 15% to 30%

Engineering Kit

Increased damage bonus from 15% to 30%

Enhanced Munitions

Increased damage bonus from 15% to 30%

The most impressive part is the Power Combo damage boosts, (Bronze= +40%, Silver= +140%, Gold= +200%). Honestly, that’s waaaaay more than I was even expecting from the first actual patch.

Thoughts? Feedback on the patch? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments!

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Update Tomorrow

Since the early Patch 1.05 that came roughly a month ago to Mass Effect: Andromeda, not much has been said about a new patch until the last stream on Twitch this past Friday. At that point, it was deemed that the patch was Coming Soon(TM). Players on r/MECoOp and r/MEAndromeda subs on Reddit rejoiced, but soon turned sour with more discoveries related to MP difficulty. I won’t go into that topic here, rather look for the dedicated post sometime today.

As seen above, the wait will be over tomorrow morning (depending on your time zone!) No patch notes have been released, but there is a blog post that somewhat details the upcoming changes in this patch. We do know from the stream that this is a stability patch mixed in with balance changes. There’s also speculation that the patch is coming tomorrow (seemingly random) due to the release of Turian Agent character on Thursday. Redditors have speculated that the content for the Turian Agent character is not in the game, thus the reason for the random patch.

For future streams, check out the Bioware Twitch channel.

We will see what the patch brings tomorrow, and have some updated and in-depth patch notes as well. We’ll see you then!

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Mass Effect Andromeda Patch Notes 1.05

Bioware dropped a patch for Andromeda today, containing various fixes in both single player and multiplayer. Below are the changes listed on the Bioware blog.

Player Abilities


  • To reduce the effectiveness of repeated melees against tougher enemies, player melee attacks can now be interrupted by enemy attacks.

Challenge Tracking

  • Biotic, Tech, and Combat Detonation Challenges now update on the Challenges screen.
  • Lance and Throw will now successfully increment the Biotic Detonation Combo challenge progress.

Stealth Grid

  • Fixed an issue that caused Stealth Grid to deactivate immediately after being used.

Biotic Ascension

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Kineticist from gaining Biotic Ascension charges when not the host of the match.


Generally, we’ve found that semiautomatic assault rifles and pistols are underperforming when compared to their automatic counterparts. We’ve increased the damage per round for most of these guns and fixed bugs that limited the rate of fire for semiautomatic weapons.

Assault Rifles


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Mattock from reaching its designed rate of fire
  • Lowered damage per round to partially offset increase in rate of fire
  • Lowered damage per round from 71–89 to 50–63
  • Increased spare ammo capacity from 112–140 to 160–200


  • Increased damage per round from 112–134 to 140–168


  • Increased damage per round from 60–72 to 64–77


  • Increased damage per round from 80–93 to 86–99


  • Increased damage per round from 73–90 to 92–113



The Predator also benefits from the rate of fire adjustment applied to the Mattock assault rifle.

  • Increased damage per round from 38–51 to 54–72
  • Decreased rate of fire from 500 to 450


  • Increased damage per round from 155–195 to 175–220


  • Increased damage per round from 37–49 to 44–55


  • Increased damage per round from 106–113 to 133–142


  • Increased damage per round from 428–512 to 485–580



  • Ammo increased from 40–50 to 60–75

Sniper Rifles


  • Increased damage per round from 27–32 to 38–46


  • Increased damage per round from 84–101 to 105–126


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Vanquisher to have an extra 100% headshot bonus


Weapon Reloads

  • Fixed some timings of reload actions so they better match their animations


Assault Rifle Amp III

  • The Assault Rifle Amp III booster now properly states that it gives a 30% boost instead of a 35% boost. This was a text error only. The functionality was always 30%.



Kett Anointed

  • Players can no longer avoid damage by standing up against a firing anointed

Kett Ascendant

  • Kett Ascendant’s Orb will now give 15 points when killed, instead of points equal to the Ascendant himself

Kett Behemoth (Boss objective)

  • Behemoths are more likely to target nearby players

The Outlaws have generally been easier to fight than other factions, so we’ve closed the gap. While Remnant Observers and kett anointed are effective at pushing players into cover, sharpshooters needed improvements to get players to hide. Across the rest of the palette, changes to targeting and the hydra’s sync attack help keep the Outlaws competitive.

Outlaw Adhi

  • Adhi no longer attempt to chain sync attacks

Outlaw Agent

  • Outlaw agent’s holographic clone will no longer give points

Outlaw Sharpshooter

  • Sharpshooters now fire more frequently, especially against targets out of cover
  • Sniper rifle damage increased by 44%
  • Sharpshooters sprint more often
  • Aiming time is now shortened at shorter ranges
  • Aiming and impact audio are now clearer
  • No longer pursue melee targets over long distances

Outlaw Berserker

  • Berserkers are more likely to target nearby players

Outlaw Hydra

  • Sync attack is now lethal
  • Hydra is more likely to target nearby players
  • Hydra now lose their target—but no longer cancel firing—when their target cloaks while locking on
  • Fixed situations where the hydra’s body would reappear after being destroyed

We found that the Observer was a little too good at its job, often leaving players feeling totally pinned down. This could be frustrating when another Observer flanked the player or when a Nullifier attacked. At the same time, the Nullifier felt like a nuisance, but one that was easy to counter in many situations.

To address these issues, we reduced the damage Observers inflict and how long they fire for. We’ve reworked the Nullifier to make its main weapon more powerful, but less frequent against players in cover. The Nullifier is also more likely to stand its ground, helping it to control the space. Repeated melee should now be a less dominant strategy against Nullifiers.

Remnant Observer

  • Observers can now lose their target while firing when the target cloaks
  • Maximum beam duration decreased from 6s to 5s
  • Beam damage decreased by 10%

Remnant Nullifier

  • Rate of fire has been decreased against enemies in cover
  • Projectile attacks now travel faster and hit harder
  • Stays still and fires in more situations
  • No longer flees in protracted melee situations
  • [Single player only] Fires less frequently on lower difficulties

Remnant Destroyer

  • Destroyers are more likely to target nearby players
  • Fixed situations where the Destroyer’s body and turrets would reappear after being destroyed


Listed below are the single player changes, including several facial animation fixes and some performance issue fixes.

Improved tutorial placement

Increased inventory limits (Editor’s Note: Bold information added.)

  • Default, unupgraded, inventory increased to 100.
  • Upgrade rank one increased to 150.
  • Upgrade rank two increased to 200.

Single player balance changes: Ammo crates, armor, weapons, attacks, and progression

Improved matchmaking and latency in multiplayer

Added option to skip autopilot sequences in the galaxy map

Decreased the cost of remnant decryption keys and made them more accessible at merchants

Improved logic, timing, and continuity for relationships and story arcs

Improved lip-sync and facial acting during some conversations, including localized VO

Fixed an issue with Ryder’s movements when running in a zig zag pattern

Improved the appearance of eyes for human and asari characters

Fixed various collision issues

Fixed bugs where music or VO wouldn’t play or wasn’t correct

Fixed issue where global squad mate banter sometimes wasn’t firing on UNCs

Fixed issue where player was unable to access the Remnant Console Interface after failing decryption multiple times

Fixed issue where fast travel is sometimes disabled after recruiting Drack until the player reloads a save

Fixed issue where Ryder can become stuck in the start of Biotic Charge Pose

Fixes issues related to some saves

Fixed issue where objective sometimes becomes un-interactable for players in multiplayer

Streaming and stability improvements

Overall, this is a fairly well-rounded patch considering the game is just over two weeks old. The biggest issues seem to have been related to facial animations and various “I’m Stuck” bugs in the single player, and latency issues in the multiplayer. I’ve been unable to sit down and actually play since downloading the update, but I’ll get around to it.

How’d the patch satisfy you? Not enough, or just enough? Let me know in the comments!

AndromedaGamingMass Effect

ME: Andromeda [Some Spoilers]

Since the early access weekend offered through Origin/EA Access a few days ahead of the release, there have been haters and lovers of the newest installation in the Mass Effect franchise. Most of the complaints seem to stem from the expectation that Bioware should have made this AAA caliber game have better facial animations.

From terrible animations like the one of Scott Ryder (left) attempting to drink from a nonexistent cup, or the floating companion body on the bridge of the Tempest (right). Biowareis notoriously bad at having games with such animations. Where enemies are either under the game terrain, or partially submerged when the object should be pacing the surface. Even where faces appear grotesquely contorted, missing textures so you see the inner face features (horrifying), and many other (mostly) hilarious glitches. While you have the gamer(s) that expect more from a high profile game, said gamer(s) apparently aren’t familiar with Bioware or their work. (Seriously, look at Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO at some point. Glitches everywhere.)

Myself, I’m quite happy with the overall gameplay. I’ve encountered the occasional bad animation, the quest-breaking bug, and even the unending search for an object that’s ridiculously tiny and literally was right in front of you the entire time. (Seriously, that fucking knife on Kadara is damn near invisible. It’s fucking tiny!) However, the gunplay and story are actually decent.


While it feels somewhat… lacking … in the weapons department, you have to realize that you’ll actually be researching your weapons in the early game. You won’t see many new weapons until you start researching and crafting them on the Tempest. (I read that you have to craft them for certain levels to begin appearing as loot drops, however, I would just research a weapon and it would start dropping in the wild for me. *shrug*)

The introduction of some vertical action with the jump jet, and by extension, the hovering ability, really add some new fun to the game. It gives you the option to attack from a separate angle, or evade in a new direction. This extends to the multiplayer portion of the game as well, but I won’t go in to that in this post. Being able to dash evade and fly around the battle field just makes for a completely different combat experience than the previous Mass Effect games. It can be either good or bad, mostly depending on which side of the fence you fall on in the glitches argument.

The Story

The story doesn’t have the same feel to it that the Mass Effect games had originally. With new writers, and several customization options missing from the game, like different appearance options for your companions, it feels a little limited at times. You can customize your clothing/armor colors, as well as change your armor out, but good luck making them stick. The interface for said customization has no indication (on PC at least) of how to make the color changes save and apply. I spent 30 minutes attempting it in the early access, only to give up and Google the answer. (For the curious, on PC you save the color selection by tapping [Space] after selecting a color. Anything else will cancel the change.) Anyhow, back to the story.

While it definitely lacks some of the original feel, it also lacks in the facial reaction and voice acting departments. At times, the faces don’t match the emotion the characters are supposed to be feeling. Looking happy at times when it’s found out that a certain species is converting another species into the first species through genetic stuffs… And then the voice acting is terribly lacking at times, not to mention some of the poor writing choices. I mean, come on, I’m OK with cliche lines but some of them are just way overplayed.

Now, the story itself is actually pretty entertaining if you can look past all the other problems. I’m doing my best… Aside from the numerous side quests, loyalty missions, and “tasks” that float about and tempt you to avoid them because they don’t actually provide any clues on how to obtain/complete said “task,” the main story is actually quite short. I played through 80% of the story missions before stopping and attempting to do a few side quests. I’m actually still sitting on the final mission chain, working on getting the planets completed and whatnot. (Honestly, I’ve mostly been playing around with different profiles and builds, Explorer is my current favorite.)

I recently played a secondary loyalty mission for Liam, and this one mission was quite entertaining. Full extremely cliche moments, the mission was some lighthearted fun. Kind of allowed the characters to interact on a not-so-serious level and just cut loose, despite the mission starting off badly. I particularly enjoyed this mission, being that it was a completely different tone from the previous loyalty missions I’ve completed. Give this one a shot, it was definitely an entertaining mission, at least to me.

Overall, my story analysis: 6.5/10 stars.

Glitches and Other Bugs

On the whole, my experience hasn’t been that terrible with glitches and bugs. Nothing that broke a quest, or corrupted a save. Had a few moments where the game crashed to desktop, but had no memory issues or even major performance issues. One complaint I do have, on initial launch, it started with very basic graphics settings. Everything was on low, and even the resolution was set to an abhorrent setting. Can’t remember the exact one, but I had to manually change all the settings again, despite having set it all up previously in the trial.


What are your thoughts on Andromeda? Have any useful hints or tips? Or even some bad/good experiences with the game so far? Let me know in the comments!