It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to sit down and whip up an article, but I’ll have some new stuff coming this week. Due to work commitments and life in general, I haven’t exactly been active these last few months. Not to worry though, I’ve got some new stuff planned and even some investigation in to the scam* known as…

Yep, Star Citizen. I don’t actually think the game is a scam. For being in an alpha state, and missing so many features, it has a long way to go but it’s no scam.

Ok, yes. I had never planned on actually trying the game out. However, the Elite: Dangerous Odyssey release a few months back just didn’t really deliver on what I wanted from it. (I played the beta, and it took me a few months after the release to actually get around to playing it.) From what I could tell, some of the major bugs from the beta had been ironed out, but not enough. Point is, this actually prompted me to try out Star Citizen and see what the big deal is about. I’ve got some new stuff to write about PC Building Simulator‘s newest DLC. I’ve got some insight on the current state of New World, Amazon’s latest venture in to the gaming world. Even some late-as-shit-but-still-no-reason-not-to-post-the-reviews on Lawn Mowing Simulator and PowerWash Simulator that need to be updated for the recent content and patches.

By the way, if you’ve been wanting to pick up Mass Effect Legendary Edition, today would be the day. It’s currently N7 Day (November 7th) so on Steam it’s currently on sale for 34% off.

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