Month: July 2018


Chicken Attack

Came across this gem. Its horrible but I love it. Enjoy.


Some Time with Wrecking Ball

I got bored with regular Overwatch and decided to finally download the PTR. I wanted to get a feel for the newest (and still unreleased) character, Wrecking Ball. Now, I’ve still only played a single match. It was hilarious and fun, and brings a new mobility to the tank class. I like him, but I’ll have to relearn how to play the tank class with this guy. Movement takes some getting used to and he’s a little squishy, but he can roll away from most encounters. This is the POTG from the first match.

Small disclaimer, I was messing around in a custom match. This is a against bots, so take this with a grain of salt.


Yeah, I like him.


One Punch Man

Recently, I decided to drop DirecTV (in 2 years my bill was never the same, among other billing issues) in favor of just streaming shows. As such, switching to Hulu opened up a large collection of available anime shows.

One Punch Man, which I had seen making rounds on Reddit in the form of gifs and YouTube clips. While only Season 1 is out, Season 2 has been confirmed and will be making a comeback with VizMedia. Overall, I binged it in one night. It was awesome. It was, naturally, the subbed version. Basically, a nobody takes 3 years to train using a regimen of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and running 10 kilometers every day to become this invincible man that is trying to become a famous hero. Here’s a short clip.

My next anime is My Hero Academia, which I’ll be making a separate post for once I’ve finished the available seasons.